“I would follow Tricia anywhere. She is an unique and creative marketer that thinks realistically yet pushes the envelope to make sure my business stands out in the crowd. She’s easy to collaborate with and I’m always confident she can make our vision a reality.”

–Mark Sommerfeld | Owner of Computer Revolution

“I have no doubt she would give 110%, works well with her team and is always willing to stay until we have exceeded client expectations.”

–Dave Ahlers | Past Creative Director at Brand Synchrony

“With her decade of creative experience, Tricia brings refreshing and strategic solutions to the team. She is always leveraging her design and digital background with account management skills to bring the best ideas forward for the client. When it comes to collaboration and working across teams, Tricia excels. Her upbeat personality and ability to work hard make her a great asset to any team.”
–Melissa Norby | Past Senior Public Relations at The Lacek Group, Ogilvy

“One word: rockstar. When you’re on a creative team in an agency environment, you need to be on your toes at all times, wearing one hundred hats while spinning plates to music. Tricia does that and more. Her enthusiasm to stay ahead of the marketing + advertising industry and keep a constant eye on the trends is a huge asset”

–Jessica Johnson | Past Account Manager at Brand Synchrony

“I highly recommend Tricia. She is dedicated, creative and easy to work with on a wide-variety of projects. She brings high energy and she is someone who you can count on to get a job accomplished to the best of her ability always.”

–Shelly Talcott | Past Account Manager at HealthPartners

“Tricia is a natural working with social media tools. She demonstrates a good balance between having a good time while working, yet professional.”

–Paul Hunt | President at Partners & Hunt


1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. Tricia has been an absolute joy to work with … she is creative and fun and FULL of ideas. We needed her to “brand” Gary’s business and she did an incredible job. Her work has far exceeded our imagination. She follows up continually to make sure all parts of our business are working to their fullest. We highly highly highly recommend her to all of our agents and business associates. Thanks Tricia!! Gary and Luanna Luke, owner, Luke Team Real Estate

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