Wedding Follow-up (the more pictures post)

As many of you know, being a MN Design Wife, the post-wedding keeps me busy with  organizing the photos (5,000 to be exact). Also I have edited my own video for the entire wedding day and trip.

I have turned the wedding website into a lifestyle blog that features post-wedding and ongoing life milestones

lovinrlife capture

I also wanted to follow-up to give Esther Bernal Photography the shout-out it deserves! Esther and Oscar (Wife and Husband team) gave the energy, experience and confidence a Minnesota Bride needed. Esther brought-on her romance being also an editorial photographer for Maxim Magazine and Oscar never left the guy’s side all afternoon. Getting to have both their experience and lens’ on us just made it pretty damn perfect.


We met a few days before the wedding, the second day after we arrived in Cabo, at Villa Valentina’s, where I had seen Esther take pictures in a previous shoot. It has the charm of true Mexico and it would also give my groom and I some short time alone before the ceremony. The venue was full of life and some of those pictures were our favorites for sure.

I would highly recommend Esther and Oscar for future Cabo weddings– they are expecting their first bambino any day. Send them well wishes and great prayers.

Here are just a few of the Bride’s favorites from our November 15, 2013 wedding day captured by Esther and Oscar.


IMG_7492 IMG_7438IMG_7624IMG_5567_thedip IMG_5679 IMG_7262_ashme IMG_8299 IMG_6061 IMG_6497 IMG_6764effect_portrait IMG_8602 IMG_8316 IMG_7985_MandyJT IMG_8000_lindslin IMG_8012_marleneandme IMG_8024_camandtinaus parentsbest IMG_8179bw IMG_7992_jimandjess IMG_8043_ashbrianwithflowers IMG_6984eff_holdingparents IMG_6110eff IMG_6000_KTdust_us IMG_5233 onthebeach_nosetonoce IMG_8263eff.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8 IMG_8077_cheerswedparty.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8

IMG_8146_jump_SM IMG_8944Thanks again for letting this newly wed showcase some of her memories. Remember to Like and Share Esther’s work properly by tagging this blog post from ( )–even better tag Esther Bernal by placing her URL in your post.

Dreaming of Los Cabos,
your Cabo Bride – Tricia 


Back from #CaboWedWeek

The newly weds are back from Cabo San Lucas after getting married with 25 of our closest friends and family. Too many stories, memories and laughter to share– along with thousands of photos and hours of video to still edit.

The trip overall went smoothly, by far exceeding expectations at the Resort Hyatt Ziva and I am happy to share some first look photos by 507 STUDIO Photography. Trina not only was my Maid of Honor and sister, but she also took photos and video on the wedding day between being in the stop-light herself. She has an incredible eye and I’m excited to share her amazing photography with you. Please tag her website and/or Facebook Page if you share or Pin the photos below. Enjoy!

IMG_6346-17 IMG_6356-18 IMG_6358-19 IMG_6422-24


Designed by Tricia Jo (your MN design Gal)


Designed and created by your MN Design Gal


Bracelet and something blue by J. Crew San Francisco.


Room packets were dropped off the day after everyone arrived. Designed by Tricia and bags were printed at home through ink jet printer.


Table settings included a personal place card, metal star fish as a paper weight and souvenir and the dinner menu, a thoughtful note from the couple and activity cards to fill out by each guest.

Tricia_Steve_1stLook_507STUDIO_7x10 IMG_6515-39_hairedit_FINAL_SM_blogready IMG_6143-5_web IMG_6167-7_SM IMG_6188-12_web Shoes1_web TandS_VillaV_sm IMG_6477-31 IMG_6534-42 IMG_6635-49 IMG_6727-59

More photos will come late December by the main local Cabo wedding photography. Stay tuned and look forward to many blog recaps and day summaries. was the wedding website and will stay part of my life as an universal life website with milestones and future family adventures shared. MNdesignGal Social Type will stay as the main blog for up to date thoughts on digital and capture life’s important moments, travels and smart thinking. This MN Design Gal will not ever go away no matter what stage in life I am in or where I live.

Top 5 Tips to successful photography from a Bride’s perspective:

1. Your make-up needs to be thought out and tested before the big day. I used Studio Fix by MAC after lots of research on what to wear and made sure I had a powder to absorb shine and matte lipstick and bronzer.

2. Plan on a hair touch-up appointment day of wedding. I got my hair done at 11AM then saw my man at 2PM for a 2-3PM photo shoot. Then got my hair touched-up at 3:15-3:30PM with fresh curls and a last-minute up-do if needed because of the wind. It gave me a chance to correct things if needed or make a decision due to the weather if needed, in my case 80 degrees and little wind, I stayed down.

Hair shot by 507 STUDIO

3. Sister / Maid of Honor / Personal attendant stays with you during photos, even the one on one groom + bride photos. This helped because Trina knew what was my best side (my right side), how my hair should fall and what lip stuff I needed. She also was the expert  with the shot list in hand. (item #4)

4. Have a shot list including your Pinterest MUST-HAVE’s and nice to have’s. This was a simple print-out I made before the trip and the Maid of Honor was briefed on it. It was actually 507 STUDIO’s idea and I ran with it. The groom was aware of the shot list too. Below is a copy of my first page.

Shot list5. Practice Dipping with your Groom. This is a signature move the photographer will ask you to do multiple times, at the end of the aisle, on the beach and about 10 more times over the few hours of the day. My groom and I did NOT practice this and it was awkward and he even almost dropped me on my head at the end of our ceremony! (LOL true story) Take 5 minutes and teach your groom and work with an expert before the big day.

lift on wedding day dip on wedding day

We will see you soon…
Your Just Married Design Gal

your MN design Gal

Credits to: 507 Studio for all photography showcased, all wedding Design pieces were done by Tricia your MN Design Gal: Save the Dates, Main invites, Bags printed at home, Wedding collateral designed by Tricia and printed by Mike Oslund at Daily Printing.