Job Titles

I can’t take credit for this one-liner but a co-worker of mine said today “What if one day we just put everyone’s titles in a hat and we drew out what everyone’s job would be for that day”

I thought about this remark a bit further—after we all had a good laugh.

The one-liner was said after someone lost a potential job because the estimate was too high. Some of the guys were giving him a bit of a hard time, but he was defending his numbers for the amount of work that would have been done. My one co-worker made the joke about drawing the names out of a hat because he thought he could do a better job estimating then his boss! It was all in fun but this lead me to believe, that’s fabulous idea!

What makes a President of a company a President? Are they the owner or did they put the time in to succeed? Sometimes someone’s ideas or the way they lead meetings are more inspirational than their very own President of the company. How about a Production Artist, they have the skills to be the best Creative Director ever, just have been stuck in the same production title for many years. Maybe the Project Manager secretly has a skill of writing and would be an outstanding Copywriter if they only thought of them-self as talent.

This is something I will do someday at my agency. Think of the PR for this! “Agency switches roles, from Creative Director to Account Director to Human Resources Manager to Junior Copywriter!” Great way to also create some respect for all the different roles at a place of any kind of business.

This not only reminds me of the popular show “Under Cover Boss” but reminds me of a early 90’s hit sitcom Save by the Bell. Zack Morris got to be the Principal and switch places with Mr. Belding. Another “hard lesson” episode when Slater wants to cheat to get out of taking a test to miss his football game and Zack is put in charge to tell him the right and fair thing to do.

Well until the day I direct my own team or agency, I will have to put this idea in my blog and refer back to it. Thanks Chris and Zack for the incredible idea.

I still pretend I’m Kelly,
mn design gal

Holiday-Inspired Never-Board Meeting

Last night, marked my 37th monthly board meeting with the Advertising Federation of Minnesota, affliction with the American Advertising Federation. OK, not sure the exact count but has to be close to that!

To mix-it-up, I volunteered to create some sort of Holiday cheer game. I ended up wrapping over a dozen gifts to celebrate with my fellow board members and friends. The expressions on some of their faces while opening a Slinky, glitter nail filer, tic-tact-toe Cocktail napkins etc was great! Yes, hats and mitten including a Twins scarf had to be worn to open the gifts around the circle as it became this mad-dash game!

I sent this one-sheet to the board with a quick note this morning.
I truly have learned so much, and grown-up since first moving to the cities and volunteering with the Ad2 membership committee, then quickly planning events for almost 3 years. Becoming Ad2 President with little expectations or direction on what to do has truly changed the way I work with volunteers and people in general. Implementing process is key. People want it, and they thrive and act better among it. Finding volunteers that have a passion to give back a little to their community, want to learn and frankly network and be surrounded by other talented people can be challenging. People must want to do something and not feel like they have to do something and their performance shows that.

Looking ahead there are lots of crazy, awesome things happening in Ad2 in twenty-twelve and I am excited to share them with you! Stay close to the online calendar and remember that you will never get anything unless you pay it forward. 

Enjoy the season and #shoutout to my friends and volunteers that have been working so hard and continue to surprise me with their excellent ideas and kindness.

your Ad2 President