Cold Feet

The winter chills has set-in here in Minneapolis. The snow came later than normal and now the cold temperatures have greeted us all through-out almost day in February. (Did I just open my blog post with talking about the weather?)

The snowless day of November 30th will be forever marked as my engagement day. How much does your life, thoughts and life challenges change after you accept a marriage proposal. The month of December was full of Holiday cheer, gushing over the future plans of the big day and random thoughtful advice from others. January brought lots of wedding investigating and planning between the groom-to-be and I. Visiting at least 5 venues every Saturday and then attending my first-ever Bridal convention show left my head spinning. Trying to stay organized, I quickly started spreadsheets and alphabetical order binders full of the possible vendors and venues to work with.

Confident the plans would go fast, easy and smoothly, I’m now stuck at February 10th with no theme, venue, dress, photography, DJ or even church booked. How could this be? How could this experienced party planner not even have her own wedding ready to send out the save the dates?

What occurred to me late January, is that it truly is harder to plan for yourself then it is to plan for others. Maybe it’s the money that you actually spend is yours, and that the special day has so many gathered expectations that every where you turn your ideas compile into this never-ending TO-DO list.

At this very moment, I feel in a good place, knowing that my fiancé and I have a simple plan in the works and we are excited to gather the final details to share with family and close friends.

Until then, enjoy the engagement picture highlights. Photos are presented by Trina Severson, she is a bright-eyed, down-to-earth inspiring-photographer that not only has the powerful camera but the eyes behind the lens to catch those moments. I compiled a few highlights to hold you:

Photos taken In Brandon, Minnesota by Trina

Photos taken In Brandon, Minnesota by Trina

Severson Street Sign

Severson Road in Brandon, Minnesota, where the Bride is from. Photos taken by Trina

Our proposal site shoot, Rice Park in St Paul, Minnesota

Our proposal site shoot, Rice Park in St Paul, Minnesota

Rice Park Proposal moment by Trina

Rice Park Proposal moment by Trina

Snow playing

Snow playing in Rice Park, by Trina Severson

We aren’t getting cold feet, lets just say the cold weather has set back our planning a bit. Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

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What direction will the wedding go?

Wedding Planning Begins (?!$#)

Well, the Holidays have almost come to a close (one more Christmas today), and my mind is on wedding planning! You will be able to help this MN design gal.

I’m just starting the reception venue process and need your help finding design gal inspired venues that have all or some of my first-thoughts:

-Original and Unique (like me, well, I’m sure every other bride says this)
-Lots of Architecture and Views (why be stuck in a black hole for 5 hours?)
-Location doesn’t actually matter, Minneapolis or Stillwater, Northern MN or Wisconsin… this gal is open
-Priced for a budget
-Venue must be inside with outside options (Come on it’s Minnesota and don’t need Mother Nature stress)
-Eat. Dance & Be Married!
-100 people + (numbers are still being calculated but small closest friends & family)

Round tables in a classy room? Lights matter...

Round tables in a classy room? Lights matter…

Is it a night club location or event center?

Is it a night club location or event center?

Vineyards in Stillwater?

Vineyard side?

Look forward to your suggestions and thoughts! Send me a wedding venue tweet to: @MNdesignGal and I will retweet and blog about my top picks.

Also, once vendors get secured I will post them on the

Wish me luck starting the planning process… because your along for the ride readers!

designing a wedding gal