God. Family. Yahoo!

I have been trying to publish a post about this particular CEO for months now. For some reason I had never heard of her but I find myself doing research, listening to conferences and news spots she has been in… I think I have found another successful woman to admire. Yahoo!

The Numbers and Facts
Marissa Ann Mayer is the current president and CEO of Yahoo!. Previously, she was a long-time executive and key spokesperson for Google. from Wikipedia


Born: May 30, 1975 (age 37), Wausau
Height: 5′ 8″
Spouse: Zachary Bogue (married 2009)
Siblings: Mason Mayer
Education: Stanford University (1999), Stanford University (1997), Wausau West High School (1993)
Children: Macallister Bogue

After having her son, she was back at work in 2 weeks! 

Marissa’s most recent interview was done by FORTUNE Magazine and there Marissa gets candid about the fact on how important product designing is and talks about growing-up being a Packer fan. (well sort of on the Packer fan part).

Marissa says the the #1 Factor on a great place to work and why she loves working at YAHOO! is the people.

She is also changing the performance factor at YAHOO! having quarterly goals that are published in the company’s directory. They are all measurable as well which is important she stresses.

To get people focused, she says that she asks employees a lot of what are they trying to achieve? The culture is to raise your hand, with their new iPhone 5’s that the entire YAHOO! company was given.

Surprises after starting at YAHOO! Marissa thought the job would be hard and then the baby would be even harder. SURPRISE! The Job is fun! The baby is easy!?


Tweeted picture via @MarissaMayer “One month old – Macallister and me heading to YaBoo, the children’s Halloween party at @Yahoo! pic.twitter.com/TNxVnV2K “

Prioritizing. Prioritizing. Staying internally focused. Is how Marissa does it.

Being from Wisconsin she quoted Vince Lombardi a few times and went on to say the line that sticks out to me, “God. Family. Yahoo! In that order.”


Marissa Mayer FORTUNE Magazine’s The Most Powerful Women interview

You can view the full interview on Fortune’s’s website. [Via Fortune]

Now, after that I found a video from 2006 that shows Marissa talking at her college.

—Marissa’s 2006 advise?

Market myself.

Share everything you can.

Play and surround with really smart people.

Get overwhelmed. Taking a chance when your not ready is good.


Are you convinced yet that Marissa could be someone you would admire too? Maybe not like me though, because I have already planned my wedding at the age of 35, I’m having a baby boy in my late 30’s because my career is what matters. Google you hiring? I also am glad I have my 1st degree of 3 done…

The reality is Marissa was really good at Math and Science, while I actually was good at Math in the early High School days, enjoyed Science (not the frog part) but my Art classes and Marketing passion became my calling and true passion.


How awesome would it have been to say your the 7th hire of  GOOGLE? One can only hope that you may be sitting somewhere that is so much fun like Marissa keeps telling us. Set goals to be a CEO who gets to focus on culture and mobile product design you could get paid base salary of $1 million dollars, with a grand potential total of $129 million. Nicely done Marissa and look forward to the bright future of YAHOO! 

Keep finding yourself and setting goals readers. I know, I will be.

Can I get a YAHOO!?


You never know. It could be me one day…

Google+ Hangout Experience

Who is ready to hang-out? Google took a very common phrase and turned it into their “Skype” feature on googe+.

Last night Cory Vandenberghe and I google+ hung out (past tense version of the hangout) with a dozen Winona State University students. They approached us to come down to their University and Cory and I thought trying out this new chat feature would be a super alternative.

My orange wall in my home office.

The first problem we ran into was a terrible echo. When having groups hangout, make sure they can’t hear each other and are not in the same room. One group quickly had to run to the hallway and hang from there.

I liked the chat feature on the left. It was kind of neat to be able to be face to face and also “save” a few remarks or be able to summarize. The noise after sending was a bit rude though.

The rotating screen was slightly distracting and I tried to click on the group or person that was talking to have it on the main screen.

Cory @Snapsocial. {Pretty boring office chairs and ouch those cream walls?}

We chatted for almost an hour and I got to answer some Ad Fed questions along with talk about the SHOW and also up-and-coming Ad2 events. (November 3 be there!)

The students also asked about interviewing and internships. Cory and I both got to give some candid advice.

Overall I give the google+ hangout a 8 out of 10. I think Skype sound is better, but it could have been our set-up too. The extras made it work well and it was fun! Also note only 10 people can hang-out at once.

Glad we got to hang-out together! And yes it beat the 1.5 hour drive down to Winona.

Want to start a google+ hangout with your friends and still very confused on this post? Learn more.

Educating the youth, one google+ hangout at a time,
Your Ad2 Minneapolis President

ps. How many times did I mention google+ and hangouts? I hope this gets some SEO traction.