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Are you on Pinterest? Are you using Pinterest for a search engine for ideas? Is your brand on Pinterest?

Many companies are experimenting with Pinterest. I’m very observant (and sometimes slightly obsessed) with Pinterest campaigns, sweepstakes and contests. I participate in them to see how they are run and what goes wrong or how it makes an average Pinner like myself feel. In this case, it was about a brand and their experimental marketing of their own content to drive traffic to their e-commerce website.

I just read last month in the Minneapolis Egotist (must check out if you haven’t yet) about a very unique brand I don’t know much about UNIQLO. They made a big splash with a campaign that they claimed had no paid media, with over 55 Million Impressions in just 5 days.

This post isn’t about critiquing this campaign actually– even though it would drive me crazy seeing pins like that– I literally would curse this brand’s name. As of December 11th though the pins can’t be found on their board (good call they actually do remove them). Content that was done well caught my eye within their profile: UNIQLO Hairdos.

Incredible imagery to drive traffic to even more info on how to style the hair.

uniqlo's hairdo

How much effort probably went into this content? Hiring a stylist for 1 day and then shooting the girls doing their hair (the stylist doing it in between takes) then a designer / Art Director to review photos and compile either gifs or single panels to describe the “how-do”… then getting the images on Pinterest through the URL’s on the website is easy; it takes about 30 seconds do that for each Pin. Probably will need a writer on that to cleverly draw users to the website and people to relate to the pin.

Estimated time and cost break-down:

1 day photo shoot – 8 hours, Photographer $6000
2 hair stylists (10 total looks) (5 would be ideal) $1500
1 fashion stylist $1000
5 models – 8 hours each total $10000
production for shoot including, lighting, space, Food and Snacks for shoot $5000
Graphic designer for post graphics (approx. 10 hours) agency bill rate: $150, freelance bill rate: $70
Writer for web page and Pinterest (approx. 8 hours) $800
Social media designer to post graphics (approx. 3 hours) $300

Now let’s try and cut some costs shall we?
Get an Art Director that knows simple everyday fashion themselves. Also someone who is social savvy to think about the layout of the images with the photographer and different shots to use later (after the Pinterest content). Sounds like you need someone like this MNdesignGal on set.

Wait– is that you MN Design Gal? Uniqlo blonde

uniqlo relief

The clothes could be donated by a related or Co-Promoted brand, or unmarked Wal-Mart turtle necks that mean nothing.
The hair stylists should be interviewed and provide feedback to a copywriter. Really cut costs and get a hairstylist that also is a copywriter.
The photographer could be an up and comer too (like my sister Trina), someone who has their own blog that can shoot many photos with fast editing time, it also helps to get friends and models that have little acne or facial hair.
Who ever said you need real models? Local celebrities or bloggers can make perfect models too! This also will help with your impressions and reach on the campaign. They will for sure share their hairstyles with their incredible following.

serious look from uniqlo's

A behind the scenes tweet, blog post or content for the brand’s Facebook is perfect. It can also create buzz before the final content is up, think of writing a preview piece. Don’t worry about competitors taking your idea, your turn-a-around time isn’t 10 weeks, it is MAYBE 10 days. Your copy is already written before the photo shoot right?

Think of Prom and Homecoming, New Years and Spring break timing for a hairstyle focus posts. Many people will be looking for pins on this topic. If you can ever bring in a #wedding tag or two, that can also help drive traffic since that is 24/7 – 365 pin traffic.

Overall, great job by this unique brand UNIQLO. I now follow all their boards. Feel inspired?

your pin gal 

PinneditliveditA little side project I started last year in my attempt to demonstrate some easy to publish fashion content. #PinneditLivedIt

Spring in New York

There is nothing better then New York City in the Spring! Summer Fashion trends are in full force and the flowers only add that needed splash of Spring color. Can you spot the main trends of the season? Shared are also just some of the favorite tourist attractions with first time New Yorker Steve. Enjoy your Spring New York trip through this gal’s lens.
















Go and book your next trip! I got mine on my mind- San Fran!?

Your Traveling Gal,

Oscar’s Golden Girls

Even Mashable had an Oscar’s recap, so I thought I had to put together my thoughts on the second most important thing surrounding the night– Fashion.

GOLD and metallic was my fashion first impression take-away. Celebrities seemed to shine in it! Jennifer Lopez (aka Jenny from the Black, JLO) was the first I noticed on the E! network and she raved with her usual neckline and slimming booty look. Below her Golden bOOty did shine, literally. Cameron Diaz had some detail that shimmered and even though it was a bit more silver then GOLD, you would think these Power gals called each other to see what they were wearing.

OPRAH had shined earlier in the week winning her Golden Globe while Meryl Streep accepted her 3rd Oscar after 17 nominations. Both these timeless women wore their GOLD with pride even outshining some of the most popular leading ladies nearly 50 years younger. Eat your heart-out Dakota Fanning?

I had to showcase some of these ladies that did some amazing fashion things with their GOLDEN metallics as well. Octavia Spencer won for THE HELP and her beaded detail really accented her beautiful shape and be a winner in my opinion. The Office and also Bridemaids star Ellie Kemper had me double-taking her new big bang look that also showcased a red-kissed hair color. I haven’t gotten to her dress yet! She accessorized perfectly with a must-have clutch, ear-rings, cocktail ring and bangles. Finally Hollywood newscaster, who cares what her name is, had a take on the Gold as well with her touch of green earring that made it a bit edgy and I am always a fan of the empire inspired necklines.

My pick of best dressed was someone I used to watch on What About Brian, Actress Stacy Keibler. Looking at her dress, it would have look a bit over-done for being just a guest or a bit 80’s on anyone else! But the way she owned the dress and her minimalist accessories won me over right away. The wave in her hair made the dress more vintage even though it was very modern. Her open-toe shoes seemed down-to-earth and I spotted her arm plump that made me like her even more! (Arm plump is the extra fat that falls over from wearing something strapless, it’s a normal woman thing).

Did I mention her date?

Heading to the mall to find myself something GOLD,
your mn design gal | TRICIA

Lets enjoy a few moments with Stacy on What About Brian, (yes he’s the star from other sitcom 7th Heaven).

Closet & La Casa

My third installment of Closet & La Casa is with Allie Eide whom I met over a year ago at an Ad 2 event. She was quick-witted, forward and down-to-earth while being eager to learn. She wanted to get involved and soon after I had her shadowing me with programs and placed her in a new board position within the Ad 2 board. Her project management skills are useful to me being President because there is just so much information I can keep on my own. She keeps me level-headed and takes the stress of thinking too much about planning and just takes charge with the volunteers.

Allie’s style is shown through her fabulous scarfs and bold statement necklaces. Very rarely will I see a piece she has worn twice! Her stylish pieces become her decoration in her room.

Currently, Allie is finishing an internship with Clarity Coverdale Fury where she next hopes to hop into a permanent role at a corporate, agency or marketing firm as a project manager, assistant account executive or possibly a position she can use her talents while being in a fast-passed working environment in Minneapolis.

Not only have I had the pleasure to work with Allie this year through the nonprofit work but also she has become a great friend of mine. Tweet her @amaree33!

Cheers to this blue eye beauty and hire her, she won’t be on the market for long!

Allie and I at Fast Horse this summer. Networking of course!

your mn design gal