Winner-Winner! Chicken-Dinner!

This weekend I had the pleasure to announce through National Ad 2 Social Media and to my Ad Fed and Ad 2 colleagues that Ad 2 Minneapolis Won 1st Place Progams from the National American Advertising Federation.


This award goes back to representing your Ad 2 club nationally and getting to compare notes and compete with other talented clubs on Club Operations, Education, Membership and more. Programs is something that Minneapolis has seemed to stand-out in the crowd with over the years. Our themes are always different and we always come up with something new each time to keep reinventing the concept of Advertising and Career Education in our very own local community. We like to network, after work it’s nice to have an adult beverage or cold drink and if we can take away something that involves an agency showing us what they did in a case study, or the newest software they are using to edit video or even a role or discipline you never thought about becoming- then Ad 2 has accomplished what we have set out to do!

AD 2 Programs Image by Tricia

Our winning submissions for the 2012 1st Place Programs included the required 3 events and 1 special program, began with Drive Thru event held in October 2011. The record-breaking-attendee Campbell Mithun event whom people are still talking about that was in November 2011. Martin Williams event held January 2012 where 2 Gingers Whiskey and a 20-second video contest clearly stands out in the crowd. Then finally, the annual pub crawl which was held in May 2011 on LynLake known as Rock the Yacht.

Individually these events stood out to Allie Eide and I while choosing for the submissions in January 2012, because they were all very diverse, yet had this special theme and quality about them we liked.

Ad 2 continues to grow and each event keeps out doing the other. The agencies and talented businesses locally keep stepping-up to show us what they can show the ad community and the committees that run the events are getting more passionate and stronger.

It’s hard to imagine how it used to be back when I would be planning events solely for about 30-50 people and it was before the hash-tags where enabled for events. Now our venues on average need to hold 150 and we are continuing to channel new groups through social media! Thanks to the individuals that help the events before become a success over the years. It not only are the talented volunteers that are active in the committees and events now, but the ones that I worked with back in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Each one of us have different career paths leading us to finding a job, starting our 60-hour work weeks or even being laid-off. Work-life-volunteer-balance is crucial and it has brought many different people in my life. This next generation volunteer group will continue to exceed expectations and I have faith in the on-going leadership involved with Ad 2.

I’m happy to share this 1st Place Programs honor with all of you!


Stay tuned for a few more rocking events to finish off my last few months as your Ad 2 President and Programs Director. OLSON will be hosting the Thursday, April 5th event and this one will be one for the books. Register today! Then the final HOORAY of the 2011-2012 Program year will be the  OlympiAD² Pub Crawl, so put May 17th on the calendar and register before you forget.

Thanks again for reading and participating with our nonprofit organization. This MN Design Gal won’t be going away, the party planning, ideas, innovation and leadership lives in my blood.

Congrats again to Ad 2 Minneapolis!

Now what’s for dinner- Chicken?
Your Ad 2 President – Tricia Severson

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Power Lunch

I had the opportunity to tag along for lunch at Campbell Mithun last week. Four raffle winners from the Ad2 hosted event in November [Past Post] won an incredible lunch with disciplines from this leading advertising agency.
Talk about a real Power Lunch having the pleasure to meet with Rachael Marret President and Director of Integrated Client Services, Dick Hurrelbrink President of Compass Point Media, Heath Rudduck the Chief Creative Officer and Steve Wehrenberg the Chief Executive Officer since 2006. With this incredible talent you would think we would have been awkwardly eating our lunch wraps quietly and letting the Presidents lead conversation about war, global studies of advertising and how much they miss type-setting. But the atmosphere was real-discussions on football, outgoing-what they got cooking for the Holidays and very candid and personal-advise on job searching and career paths!

Meeting Steve for the first time, I had done some research on his most recent speaking engagement at Augsburg College and we talked a bit about work/life balance which he takes pride-in. Campbell MIthun has a 70% women working environment and he ensured me that he respects Moms and Father-the-Dads as well. I was interested to learn Steve grew up in Wisconsin and lived there when the Packers went to the Superbowl two years in a row, as did I. But he did say “Go Vikes”.
Rachael, Heath and I got to talk a bit about the Holidays, past work and how much Heath loves working on car advertising. Watch-out CM needs another car client and will for sure do some superhuman advertising!

Rachael and I got to talk about women in advertising and she shared with me some advice about succeeding throughout my career and remembering that one will not receive if one does not ask for something.

Enjoyed learning from Dick the history of Compass Point Media, his background and how he surrounds himself with incredible talent to keep up with the every changing skills of buying media. It isn’t just “Male or Female: repeat“.

The four raffle winners turned out to be 3 energetic U of M students, and a seasoned freelance designer. The power lunch was just what we needed to not only remind us that Campbell MIthun is one of the best agencies but truly their principles are inspiring to learn from first-hand.

Sara Chars, Jaclyn Lien, Tony Rappa, Kevin O'Callaghan your Ad2 raffle event winners.

A few photo-ops before leaving our inspiring lunch break!

Thanks again to Campbell Mithun and Debbie Fischer for the idea of not just handing out over-sized XXL agency-branded T-shirts but putting thought into something different and having us raffle this incredible and true power lunch.
Who’s hungry?

your mn design gal

Most agencies are lucky to have one poinsettia in the lobby this Holiday season. Campbell Mithun has a few… so pretty! They do it right. Merry Christmas!

Burrito Anyone?

Last night was the 2nd 2011-12 program season event for the #ad2 Happy Hour crowd in Minneapolis.
Campbell Mithun 75+ years old agency hosted the over 200 people Ad Fed and Ad2 along with the new faces in the ad community last night!

Not going to fool you, I did have to pitch the idea to the CEO Rachel and Creative Director Heath months before. I worked closely with Debbie and Kat ran the successful event. The idea of having a whole bunch of young professionals in-house, feeding them, along with supplying adult beverages, can make some upper management a bit hesitant.

Last night, with Rachel and Heath taking over the mic and talking about CM along with a 20-minute case study about MAYO Clinic, the room became full of energy and the questions one-on-one to them made these very successful marketers glow.

The different departments each took a conference room, and turned it into a mini-bar with a special cocktail while being able to answer questions and network themselves.

I’m basics, but the creative department was rocking with a disco light, keg and pomegranate martini along with some banging music. Creative Directors Reid and Heath held down the fort very well.

The idea of CM approaching their client Chipotle to supply the burritos and endless supply of chips, quac and salsa was genius! What a great idea to involve your client, get them to have a feel-good feeling and save yourself a good $1,000 on food costs!

By the end of the night, guys were stuffing burritos down their pants and everyone that stayed until 9PM walked out with a bag of chips and salsa.

Right: Kat Dalager, Past Ad Fed President and supporter and volunteer of the organization, also Campbell Mithun employee and was in-charge Thursday night helping planned and run event.

Did I mention live guitar music and the door prize was a lunch with the CEO/President and Creative Director?

We spotted Heath, the creative director's star moment! Someone had fun making a poster for the event!

I don’t know if Martin Williams, mono or even Olson will be able to top this one the rest of the 2011-12 program year… stay tuned.

Become a Ad2 member (if your 32 and under its $85 a year) or a Student or in Grad-School even ($35)

I don’t want to sound like the night was care-free for someone who plans the events, here are a few planning highlights: the registration team showed-up 10 minutes before start-time after stressing and calling 2 different people to confirm they were on their way, rallying volunteers to continue to rotate through-out the night to direct people to the 26th floor (signs were hung), rotate the volunteers every 45 minutes to let people out until 8pm, greet almost everyone that came in, shake hands with people who clearly were sick, make sure the handful of out-of-town members that emailed before-hand that never met had a good time, connect people looking for jobs to our Ad2 job-placement sponsor, get a few words in to the volunteers about up-and-coming events in between hello’s and side-hugs, connect with creatives and students that called me that week, clean-up messy cups people left on expensive conference tables… and to think about it right now, I never went pee the entire night! #OMG

Besides a few hiccups, I truly continue to love volunteering and love being able to use my talents for the local advertising community. It gives me that feel-good-feeling.

Your Ad2 Minneapolis President
Party-Planner / Networker / Speaker / Organizer