Judge at the Shelf

Think of going to the bookstore—do you judge a book by its cover? Well “depends on the book” will probably be your answer. But it’s true, I know I do.

When scanning the magazine shelves at the check-out, think about the words, pictures and color that is screaming at you. The mag editors know 1 out of 5 people love Jennifer Aniston or Taylor Swift and that well sex still sells.

What I have learned over the past year is that the product packaging design and hierarchy strategy is extremely important. It really sets your product up for success! The product must stand-out on the shelves to be sold, and the product must be something that the consumer is excited and proud to buy, ideally over and over again. Depending on the audience, Millennials and Gen Y think differently than Boomers, so it matters what it says in the fine print too.

IMG_5467 IMG_2395

The message hierarchy on a product is crucial to the success of the packaging, because too much messaging sets up your design for an epic fail. Think about if GLUTEN FREE shouted at you before you even knew what the product was or what you were shopping for.

Ideas that Kick, the branding agency I work at, is super talented at finding ways to challenge the current packaging hierarchy and introducing solutions that will kick the competition off the shelf, literally.

Starting with the company operations is key to any business success. If you can’t keep up with the demand or the quality of the product—you are set-up for failure, no matter what the name or what it looks like.

So go ahead, judge that book by its cover. Grab that frozen pizza out of the freezer at Cub that has a new look, or throw in that box of granola that has beautiful packaging that makes you smile—give the brand a shot. Then follow-up with reviewing it, sending positive or constructive feedback, I may be working on it and would appreciate your feedback!

Always looking out for your brand,



Smile Pretty Pups!

The latest project that was wrapped at Kick was a 13 dog photoshoot. This experience brought the true Dog Mom out in me—as over 130 dogs showed-up for a K9 casting at 514 Studios!


It was truly a rewarding experience to be able to have the confidence from the client to run with the dog selects and create the brand vision for this new product extension. While interviewing the owners between sets, each dog’s stories really moved me and took me by surprise in some cases. I was overwhelmed by the passion to give-back to children with special needs, the elderly and also just the sense of humbleness that these amazing people have because of the amazing animals in their lives.

IMG_5723IMG_0132More to come on this incredible experience marketing to passionate dog owners—like yourself. 

Tricia and Maggie 

IMG_5142 (1)

Squirreled By The Yard

As a first-time home owner, I received advice to buy things that you really LOVE because those items will be part of your home for even longer than you think!

So once Spring came this year, my husband and I knew that we wanted to invest into a long-lasting outdoor patio furniture. We could have went with the packaged set from our local super store and kept the entire set under $400, but we were determined to find a set we LOVE.

Our deck is like a little treehouse nestled into a cozy Eden Prairie neighborhood.

There are no stairs leading up to the deck from our yard, so this table would have to be assembled on the deck or lifted above the rail around the back of the house.

We decided to go with By The Yard, from the small town of Jordan MN, where they have the process of taking recycled milk jugs and making the material into outdoor furniture that out-stands the hot sun, snow and the outdoor life of Minnesota!

We chose black for the table edges and a dark gray base, so that would also resistant any dirt—30 years is a long time to have a table folks!

We now have Maintenance free Outdoor Furniture made from recycled plastic milk jugs!

  • NO painting, fading or winter storage
  • Won’t crack, rot, or splinter
  • Color-coated stainless steel hardware
  • Ideal in any climate
  • Designed to last a lifetime
Logo from Bytheyard.net

Logo from Bytheyard.net

Just a few months later, right in the middle of our perfect Summer, we noticed a few grooved edge marks on the table top and base. Then realized just days later that our $600+ table was a sharpening tool for our neighborhood squirrels!

This was a big surprise to us.

We began to look through our many brochures and the online reviews again. Were we missing something? Was there a warning about animals or even preventative methods of stirring away animals to not chew on the furniture? 

This innovative company even has a furniture test program—so they lead you to believe that they stand-by their product.

By The Yard also states that over the 18 years…only 4 returns have been made too.

We were under educated on this whole squirrel thing and can’t believe the customer service we have received to date. I would have hoped there would be additional planning for these inquiries, we were prepared to prove we didn’t have squirrels anymore (which we don’t for 2 weeks now) and the company would replace or refund our experience in some way.

We bought our table at the Eden Prairie Bachman‘s, as it is also a trustworthy supplier of the latest and greatest outdoor and indoor accessories. We also have a request out to them and they are working with their buyer to try to resolve the issue. [UDPATE SINCE ORIGINAL PUBLISH DATE] We spoke with Bachman’s buyer and after they discussed internally and even tried to learn more themselves, Bachman’s proposed a $100 Bachman’s gift card because of the bad experience with By The Yard table. They wanted to recognize that we are a valued customer and that they have not received any complaints to-date and hope to use our testimonial to inform others on the squirrel teeth sharpening potential disaster. 

Again, we look at the By The Yard website and it says it’s guaranteed:
Yes, it is guaranteed for 35 years to never crack, break, rot, or peel. These are proven designs that we know will withstand the test of time. (but please be aware of the squirrels and the local animal population, for the table can turn into a tooth sharpening tool without little or no warning!)

Many of the overall product photos are featured in the middle of the woods, cemeteries, decks and pool-side. Where are the squirrels?

The answers By The Yard manager provided were exactly this:

Our initial recommendation on squirrel damage like this is to “scrape” the boards. You can purchase a scraper from us for $7, or go to your local hardware store and buy a wood scraper for the about the same cost. Scraping will keep the color the same on the damaged areas, as opposed to sanding which makes the color chalky and very noticeable.

The boards on the outer frame of the table top are impractical and costly to replace because that frame is assembled, then it is routed as one piece and you cannot match the individual boards easily. There is also the time of disassembly and reassembly which is significant.

We can sell you replacement pedestal braces, at a cost of $8.00. If you scrape the damaged area, you may find it to be acceptable.

If you would like to try scraping the areas damaged by the squirrel(s), and would like to purchase a scraper from us, just let me know or give us a call and we will get one sent to you.

You can get some pepper spray from your local hardware store, to apply to the furniture, some of our customers have been successful with this, or, our final recommendation is to get the squirrels away from the house, because they need to chew on something to sharpen their teeth.


Steve and I smeared pepper all over our table and tinfoil for the little furry guys—but that doesn’t help the already damaged table and scraping to add to the list, not to mention the blind-sided faulty lifetime warranty.

By the Yard’s Manager writes to us “final recommendation is to get the squirrels away from the house, because they need to chew on something to sharpen their teeth.”

In the current state, we would never recommend the By The Yard company to anyone. The pictures prove it—in less than a week’s time your new table is ruined.

How would we have predicted that we had neighborhood furry friends wanted to come over and sharpen their teeth on our new milk jug furniture over just a few days? Being a new homeowner, investing in something we were very excited about, this situation still makes us sick.

I consider Steve and I smart consumers and when it comes to reviews and educating ourselves on a products before buying—we trust others too.

In this case, we will be updating social media By The Yard to reflect our Squirrelly experience. I do hope this can be updated in the future with a positive consumer result, but at this time please spread the word about this terrible investment and company.  [UDPATE SINCE ORIGINAL PUBLISH DATE] We have not heard any additional solutions from By The Yard. 

Squirrelly mess for this first-time homeowner,



Shake it up!

Just have to take a minute to share my latest Summer obession—the yard game Jackpot (aka YAHTZEE!)

dicegame FullSizeRender drop
It’s a simple handmade wooden dice game made by a talented Mom of 3 in Minnesota. Her little mobile store is called Simple Charm.

Here is the breakdown on how this specific dice game set compares to the others:

– SOLID Cedar wood

– There is NO chemicals, wood stains or treatment put on the dice (AKA kid-friendly!)

– The bucket is included to shake and store easily

– Includes reusable score sheet for up to 6 players

– Easy to carry, the set is not heavy like some woods and holders could be

I highly recommend using this at the next family event or backyard party. It also may become my newest housewarming gift for friends! (shhhhhh)

I didn’t realize how popular this game really was until I Google’d it. Here are some comparable, more expensive, yard dice sets.


Crate and Barrel get fancy, $59.95 + Shipping







Snack Eyes Yard Dice may have your eye, but the price is $49.99+




Roll the dice folks and support locally made when you can! If you reach out to Holly via Simple Charm for that $35 cute dice set…tell her hello for me.

And remember to never cross-out your YAHTZEE folks! 




#32under32 event director experience

#32UNDER32 Opening Film // Minneapolis, MN from acowsay on Vimeo.

Opening film premiered at the May 28th #32under32 awards.

Since December, this Minnesota Design Gal had been planning for the 3rd Annual 32 under 32 community event. This event was founded by an Ad 2 MN volunteer—with a new idea, the right plan, right volunteers and American Advertising Federation (Ad Fed), this community awareness event became a reality!

Accepting the challenge, I made sure to strategize the goals of the event as I knew this year’s focus would be AWARENESS.

The 2nd year I was honored to receive the 32 under 32 award where I found myself not only being congratulated but also educating people about what the award was.


The best part about leading nonprofit work is recruiting a team of people who you want to know better and are more talented than yourself. That empowered me to reach out to several creative and marketing folks of which I had successful past experiences with, along with a few new eager minds, to create this powerful planning crew for the 3rd annual event.

Sponsorship is the most intimidating role in any nonprofit work because it means you are knocking on doors and asking for, well, dollar bills. My approach this year while spreading the word about the event and award, was to gather influential interesting brands to supply messaging, goods, decorations and give-a-ways for guests.woodchuckIMG_6957



11312637_986381814728827_5574797207792454698_oThe sponsorship break-down included adding a dessert bar from Mall of America, Catalyst Group creating custom boxes of mints and custom designed name tags, Woodchuck wood-stuff which included custom judge thank-you notebooks and event give-a-ways, KIND Snack bags for 32 winners and judges, Creative Circle for an interactive Photo Booth and contribution to event dollars, Red Stamp winner discounts and SOTA clothing for event-day prizes photography branding. Acowsay digital owner, Tyler was part of the planning crew but he also sponsored with his valuable behind the camera time and mad-digital production skills. Again, thanks to these powerful community names for being part of the entire experience—wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you!

Taking on the Director of this not for profit community event, I knew the event itself would need to be elevated—who wants to come to an event, see that you don’t get the 32 honor and pay $40 to go home with empty stomachs and empty-handed… #notcomingbacknextyear

After touring and seeking out venues for longer than my agenda had planned, I landed on the Minneapolis Event Centers (MEC) and worked with the wildly talented Wendy. The team negotiated the entire event timeline, a welcome-cocktail, special beer price (that matters), rentals and food—MEC would be introduced to many influential advertising professionals, so this helped with our small budget. MEC was even spotlighted as a sponsor for their incredible added-value lighting, tech support and stage excellence.

Red carpet? Of course! It’s all about experience!11417771_986378801395795_5862668234762296448_o




In the 2 years prior, there were 5-6 judges with a range of experience and industry focus. I interviewed a few of the past judges to ensure the process for the 3rd annual event would be improving. The entire nomination process was streamlined to be better for judging and elevate most efficiently for quality nominations, rather than the not serious contenders.

I secured 6 inspiring leaders that ranged from Director of Project Management, Strategic Account, Start-up CEO, Content/Copywriting agency owner, Digital Production Creative Director and introduced Public Relations.

The overall judging process entailed verifying the identities of each nominee and nominator, compiling and calculating the judges’ grading sheets and the facilitation of the in-person judging day. The process solidified it is fair and it works to select the top 32.




The 32 honorees of the 2015 award are people who I aspire to be; their backgrounds and proven forward-thinking are incredible. Being able to reach out to them individually was important to me as the event Director—I also realized that I did not have all their emails. A learning for future years is to include a field for the nominees’ email in the nomination form. #ItsCrunchTime

Securing the proprietary URL and designing 32under32.com to be used in the future was a successful outcome—one of my magic 3 goals. The Copywriter and Web Manager worked closely to quickly execute the best messaging and organize the content that made most sense for our busy-career-focused audience. It was designed in under one month for the February 1st nomination window to open.


The user-generated content, for the introduction video, was something that Tyler from Acowsay Digital and I knew we were taking a chance on. We had set our goal of 20 people to submit a selfie video while answering questions provided to them. We had 40 nominees that sent multiple selfie clips to be added to the final video that was revealed at the event as opening film! #youknowwhoyouare

Creating sharable event materials that can be used to market the event in the future was part of the magic 3 and with Tyler’s talents and help from volunteers and 32 Alumni Cory Vandenberghe, Alison Beattie, Aneela Kumar, Sarah Edwards and Danny Olson, we made it happen with two 30-second spots. View those videos on Ad Fed MN YouTube Channel.


Set-up before the event. Ready for the 7:15 ceremony!

Who wants to plan an event—then no one shows up?!

Communication and PR planning are key to a successful event because of the many moving parts involved. Our team found that it worked well being organized up-front and drafting the event communication summaries following with the customization of content for each channel. We also had a Google Doc with a social calendar and plenty of unique graphics to share. Starting the 32under32 Gmail worked well for one main outreach email for nominees and nominators, then Ad Fed MN filtered questions from the website and registration. Continuing to add new outreach and PR ideas, while remaining flexible is mandatory.

Social media was buzzing #32under32 throughout the planning sessions and we made hundreds of impressions when the nominations went public through local media help.

The BIO’s of the honorees at the event were told in 2 facts and 1 tail — tweets were deployed tagging the place of work and nonprofit organizations while the honorees’ BIO was read by our fabulous MC, Laura Fitzpatrick. Laura kept our attention and made us laugh while talking about Beyonce back-up singers, George Clooney wedding crashers and 90’s trend-setters… #nailedit


cheers_to_thatIn summary, the #32under32 director role was a super experience to learn more about myself and take on an entire judging process from start to finish (and we know that finish doesn’t just mean up to the event).

As I move forward with other community initiatives and creative impactful projects, I look forward to the future years of #32under32. There are endless possibilities, every year will improve and be different. The best event advice I have is to experiment and improve the process always, remember in volunteer-work that as leader you have to keep people’s attention, inspire them and empower them and keep your director goals to 3 magic ideas…

  • Build awareness in the community – video promotion, sharable social graphics etc check!
  • Launch 32under32.com – align structure for future event years
  • Elevate the event experience

Keep pushing to be a better you,
MN Design Gal – Tricia

Photo credits to: Jay Larson, Heather Hanson, Cathleen Olson, Snap Yourself 

Lasik a Second Time

#LeftEyeLeanger was my self-proclaimed nickname after leaving Whiting Eye Clinic last week—I had an eye enhancement just 4 months after my 1st Lasik Eye Surgery procedure.

I was part of the 4-5% of all Lasik patients that have to enhance right after the surgery.

Leaving the office 24 hours after the 1st surgery with 20/15 makes it a bit confusing, but my left eye was lacking -.75 of my prescription.

There has to be a 3-month break between surgeries, so I had this one on the books just 2 months after learning about it.

You would think someone would be just more prepared the second time—I was the opposite. I learned about the some of the risk (which is only 4-5%) and also thought about all the time I had worked so hard with my drops between the 1st surgery empowering my eye to heal properly.



 Arriving the 2nd time for the same procedure, I was then told it will be a lot shorter due to not having to recut the again. Well that is good I guess…

Dr. Whiting found my “flap” quickly and uncomfortably quickly tapped a little bit in my eye to mark where it was. He told me that was the most awkward part of the surgery after he did it of course.

While laying down listening to 80’s Rock music I found myself shaking, and not to the music! The nurse could tell I was nervous so we talked about TLC and how my new name will be #LeftEyeLeanger, of course I added the hashtag.

It was just 10 seconds of starring at a green light, while the room was dancing with color, and poof it was done.

I went home for my usual 5-6 hour nap and woke up 20/20 overall.

I predict my Right eye will need a tune-up over the next year, but I am going to give myself the Summer for a nice break to decide.

Still lovin’ the overall results from the surgery—my odds were just a little bad the first time. Hopefully I took your spot in the statistic, so you don’t have to do the surgery again. But if you are recommended to enhance—keep up with it and enjoy your 20/20 or even 20/15 vision!



Stay connected

I still write handwritten notes, cards and thank yous—I don’t see this ageless tradition going away. But Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook IM, Twitter… these are my main social apps at this moment and it becomes harder write a letter when these apps are so handy. I use each app in very different ways to target the audience that makes most sense depending on the content I want to share.


photo from internet—unknown site

Think about this—we are all content managers every day of our lives. That cute random photo moment of the cuddly baby, the cute heels you decided to sport in the middle of the winter, Justin Timberlake’s newest music video via YouTube, a new job—that you can finally tell your closest friends about. This is all content.

Who should see this? Who needs to know first? Who do you NOT want to see it?
Who can see this and make you famous? (Ok that one may be just me)

My sister is in Manhattan Beach, California and my brother is in Charleston, North Carolina. Both my parents were not on Facebook 4 years ago until my brother was set off to the Air Force… Now both my parents are active on Snapchat and I get messages from them more than I do my 13-year old cousin.

The reason for this, is simply being able to stay connected. It doesn’t matter if it’s a postcard in the mail, a emoticon over text message, a random moment during the day through a Snapchat or a sunset picture posted on Instagram.

Instagram_sunset_andmoreMy Dad just asked me again this weekend if SnapChat was on the iPad—my 75-year old Grandma would love this app to be kept in the loop.

I try to keep up with the updates and share with followers, friends and yes even my parents and grandparents, because technology is ever-changing. Snapchat’s latest update is adding Emoji’s to their address book / friend list. Learn more via Mashable.

Also last week, emoji keyboard was changed with iOS 8.3 update that includes skin tones of some faces. Learn more via Apple themselves.


Pick the right channels to spread your content—remember a good handwritten letter or note is still the best to share that update too.

Always thinking with her iPhone 6 Plus in hand,

MN Design Gal

My cousins who are SnapChat and more social savvy then ever before.


3rd Annual #32under32

Saturday, March 22nd at Midnight nominations close for the 3rd Annual 32 under 32. Nominate now. Seriously.

The nominations are key to the 32 Under 32 Awards. It gives the people who know the industry best — you — a chance to recognize someone that embodies the rare combination of creativity, drive, and special talents to stand out from the pack.

Video produced by Acowsay Digital.


My moodboard created in January — inspiring the overall theme for this year.


Reminder a nominee could be a current, former or future co-worker, a boss or mentor, or even someone you play in a band with. The only rule is that nominees need to be in a marketing, advertising, PR, or similar role, work, live and play in the great state of ‘Sota, and be under 32 years of age as of May 1.

Evaluating the nominees is a hand-selected pool of judges that changes every year to coincide with the diversity of talent out there. This year’s line-up were hand-selected and feature a director of project management, a director of account strategy, an entrepreneur/CEO, a copywriter/business owner, a VP of public relations and a creative director with UX and video production focus.


Photo by SOTA Clothing and Spence.

Video produced by Acowsay Digital.

Meet our judges in more detail:

Kat Dalager is a process geek, rule breaker / boat rocker that currently manages the Integrated Producer team as the Director of Project Operations at the in-house creative agency for Life Time Fitness, 3E The Life Time Agency. Past works include Campbell Mithun, The Martin Agency, Carmichael Lynch, Best Buy and Target.

Mark Hines, tech enthusiast and first generation digital professional. Coder since elementary school. Accidental marketer. Currently helps big brands think like startups and upstarts get traction in-market as Director of Account Strategy at GoKart Labs. Was at Ratchet, Mono and Fallon where he lead teams that brought great ideas to life.

Erin Newkirk believes friends + family makes the world go ’round, which is why she founded Red Stamp in 2005. Many years and one successful acquisition later, Red Stamp and Erin are still in the business of thanking, wishing, inviting and announcing with stylish cards + decor that can be sent via their award-winning app or on the web. Past work includes managing brands at General Mills and Kaplan Educational Centers.

Dan Ruppert-Kan prior to starting his company that specializes in copywriting and content, he was a Creative Director at Russell Herder and a Sr. Copywriter at Carmichael Lynch. He’s currently working on projects for Harley-Davidson, Porsche Financial Services and other marketers and ad agencies.

Dan Jasper is a PR guy, spokesperson and anything but stylish, only occasionally gets to shop at work. He is Vice President at Mall of America managing public relations, community relations, social media, tourism, retail merchandise and digital strategy. Thankfully he has a talented team that helps make him look good.

Michael Kraabel writes, designs, strategizes, codes, films, and more while being VP, Creative & User Experience at Bolin Marketing. An early pioneer of interactive marketing and PR, Mike has been devising digital communications programs for companies for more than 16 years while past work has been at Olson, Schematic, Gage and Martin Williams.

This event would not be successful without the talented volunteers that have been hands-on since the beginning planning in December. As this year’s Director of #32under32, it was crucial for me to be surrounded by passionate talented-thinkers that wanted to get their hands a bit dirty after their day jobs. Let’s take minute to recognize them:

Alexandria Huerter
Molly Michalowski
Andrea Styczinski
Hannah Mortenson
Ashley Mullins
Tyler Eichorst
Daniel Krueger
Casey Garvey

[Insert picture after the next board meeting]

Have you nominated yet? Time is running out.

Save the date May 28, 2015. Register for the event is your next assignment folks.

Always thinking,
Your 2014-15 #32under32 Director and forever design gal



20/15 in 2015

Creating my Lasik vision story a reality in 2015 has truly been a surreal dream. Glasses began in 6th grade—with big gold spectacles (before they were trendy again). Then the contacts came just 2 years later, I never got the colored ones but tried on a brown trial pair once. I have been near-sighted, which means I can’t see far. I never understood why it meant the opposite—near-sighted is far, and far-sighted is can’t see near.

I decided now was the time—I would make it a priority my eye surgery for my 30th Birthday in late 2014, early 2015.

I started my search for the perfect fit eye surgery place by referrals from friends and family.

Top reasons to pick a eye surgery place:

– Convenient to your home (I recommend less than 30 minutes)
– Family / Friends recommended of course
– Lifetime warranty that makes sense for you
– Price matters, consider price match

After 3 pre-opps (all Free, some clinics do charge $100), I decided on Whiting Clinic. I actually never got to meet Dr. Whiting prior to the surgery day—having gone to several places prior, that actually is very normal. There is a entire staff that matters and after calling the main Whiting number several times and getting my random questions answered, I felt comfortable enough to schedule the surgery.

On the day of surgery, I was 75% excited and 25% nervous arriving to the clinic.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.09.50 PM


Tips prior to surgery day:

– Tell family and close friends, but don’t tell the world about your Lasik decision (you will get unwanted stories and blade-scarism) 
– Don’t watch a Halloween knife movie the night before
– Reflect on yourself and know that your doing it for yourself
– Go through the inventory of your contacts, solutions and old glasses, and Laugh a bit!
– Schedule your appointment for the morning 

The 90 minute appointment really could have been 20 minutes. Sitting in the waiting area, sitting in the small room, then sitting in the pre-surgery room all preparing to be under the later for just the short special 10 minutes.

I had turned in my preference card that even included what color I wanted the room and music (for real). I noticed that BLUE was the most common color for the room. Blue to me meant ocean-blue waves and blue skies…calm…cool…clean…and good surgery?

2015/01/img_1506.jpgOnce I arrived in the operation room (is that we call it that?) and I had been at Whiting for 70 minutes (for my 90 minute appointment)—I asked Dr David Whiting if it will take just 10 minutes? He said “yup about that”.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.08.20 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.08.40 PM

I wasn’t nervous until my eyelashes were pulled back and my right eye was opened and I was to stare at the bright lights. It only took 30 seconds, then another 10…another 10 seconds and poof it was done!

I felt a bit shaken up and in shock after both eyes were done, but it also was a sign of relief of all the built-up nerves.

Waving to my husband and seeing him fuzzy but being able to see the clock was just crazy. My eyes were checked quickly right after and I was out the door.

My eyes turned hazy very quickly and a sense of tingling and light burning started. All I wanted to do is get home and rest my eyes.

Through my very unstylish black glasses I could see a little but it was hazy and for some reason I didn’t want to force my vision through the blur. I just needed rest and as my husband drove through the windy snow storm to our home in Eden Prairie (this is when it’s good to be less than 30 minutes home because that ride home was terrible).

After getting into bed and falling asleep after a hour of discomfort I woke up 4 hours later and knew it was going to be OK. I took another dose of benadryl and shut my eyes again for those last 2 hours to wake up at 5 PM just 6 hours after surgery seeing across the room and feeling so much better. Is this really real?



I knew I needed to keep up with the drops and NOT TO RUB my eyes. I kept the awkward black glasses on while watching a movie and even sleep with them on the first night.

24 hours later I was back in Whiting for the scheduled post-surgery appointments. I was told that I am now 20/15. 2015 really is 20/15 clear that this was an incredible thing!

If you have any questions or on the fence, I will not convince you to get eye surgery (aka LASIK) because you are the only one that can decide and schedule, put drops in, and rest your eyes. Taking care of yourself is key and I will continue to do so.

Thanks for stopping by this Social Type’s blog and learning about my eye surgery experience.

Your glasses-less,
MN Design Gal 


Sporting the dark glasses the day after surgery.