The last two years I have immersed myself in cereal boxes, dog food brands, k-cups, beanbag chairs and talented creative people.

My final days at Kick I reflected on the learning of packaging re-brands, new product development and successful account strategy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.38.26 AM

Rewarding? So much!

I have been able to help the local Minneapolis nonprofit People Serving People have a brand refresh and strategic website approach to spotlight their amazing mission. Kick was able to lead an online and social media audit to help craft messages, which led to revamping the newsletter and many collateral items. We introduced Jay Larson to this nonprofit as the lead photographer to stock-up their high quality images that showed emotion and breath of services. It makes me smile and understand how important it is to do awesome things for incredible local nonprofits.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.39.13 AM

Bone Broth anyone?

Changing the way the consumer drinks from their Keurig machine, along with the innovative-fresh shelf appearance made Lono Life one of my favorite clients going into the second half of my Kick career.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.38.56 AM

Every wanted to own an Emoji Bean Bag?

Emoji Time

Kick led the naming, branding, all online engagement, web and community management for this Walmart exclusive brand.

  • 6 week launch = over 15K likes and active community engagement
  • Reaching close to 500K people
  • With 62K total post engagement increasing week after week
  • Our posts are getting 30 shares organically on average // Most Facebook pages at 3-5 share on a post
  • Average “LIKE” price is at 7 cents // the industry average can be 90 cents to well-over one dollar
  • Product continues to sell reaching over a million dollars

Emoji picture

Did I mention I met Lucky Dog’s host Brandon McMillian while at Kick?

I attended a handful of out-of-state pet conferences that featured the best brands in all things pet food, pooper-scoopers, training balls, collars, toys and so much more. I also met a lot of awesome entrepreneurs and brand marketers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.39.28 AM

Did you know my 2nd week at Kick I visited a Dog Bone Manufacturing plant in California?

I learned about the process of making dog bones from human-grade materials also about the entire packaging process on the assembly line. This was in result to better lead a few dozen of bone projects and brand strategies for private labels and new brands that went into SuperValu, Target and Walmart.


Did you know that I was part of more photo shoots starring dogs than for products or humans?

I have made so many furry friends and collaborated with amazing clients the past two years that I just had to show a few of them.


On-location in Wisconsin with Cargill client. We had a great day with over 15 animals on-set!




IMG_5790 IMG_5142


IMG_2192IMG_2333IMG_0135 dog_photos

Remember next time you pick up your favorite product, there is a full team behind the design and brand strategy.

I am thankful for my years at Kick—Mary and Stefan seeing something in me to help continue to grow their business and partner with their amazing clients.

Need a shelf-kicker idea? Call Mary and Stefan from Ideas that Kick of course!


Until we meet again…more to come!
Tricia Jo 




Travel with your partner

FullSizeRender 13

Recently my husband and I went to Maui, and through all the hikes, drives, tee-times, beach-bumming-moments and amazing fish tacos I realized I wasn’t sure what our “couple travel brand” was.
Why do I even ask this question?
I’m a born-marketer and I keep seeing branded Twitter handles, websites and blogs with couples traveling and doing amazing things.

To be exact two stellar couples I can’t get enough of, are traveling and documenting their travels for us to enjoy:

CARL MARTIN and his wife ANNA OLSON are the founders of this incredibly smart way to spend a year-long, cross-country documentary project as newlyweds. They are taking the 52 weeks of this year and using them to make a short film about 50 states US Anywhere. Give them some travel tips when they visit your favorite city @usanywhere. It is only the beginning for this couple!

I also met last year onset MICAH KVIDT. He mentioned him and his wife’s branded travel project Wander The Map. It is where him and his incredible travel partner JENNA document their experiences. They take on world-wide adventures and even get paid for (some) of them! Digging’ their Instagram too, but seriously check them out and tweet them hello @WanderTheMap. Keep them book-marked folks.

There experiences inspired me to rethink how I brand going on travels with my partner in crime Tee Off With Steve. Since our travels will never match-up to the themes of these two talented couples, I had to think of our niche. I came up with a few options related to the golf course experiences around the U.S. we share. So tell me what one you think could stick as our branded travel theme:

  • This Gal and his Golfer (does it make you think of Tiger Woods too much?)
  • Tee off with Steve plus Tricia
  • The Greens of the USA (wait a minute, like those kind of greens…)
  • FORE! by the two of us 
  • Bye Bye Birdie—By the Leangers. 
  • Hole in one. (not sure if that will be the best SEO)

We may need to work on the brand vision a bit more but here are a few moments documented from our Maui Golf day at the Plantation Kapalua.


Brunch before hitting the course!


IMG_9047 IMG_9044 IMG_9038 IMG_9006

Don’t be intimidated by documenting or branding your travels too much folks. Just snap pictures and video of your experiences and keep track of them the best way possible—so when you are 95 years old it’s an easy way to thumb-through those experiences, even if there is no such thing as Facebook or Twitter.

Couples who travel together stay together,
this MN Design Gal and Tee off with Steve


#32under32 event director experience

#32UNDER32 Opening Film // Minneapolis, MN from acowsay on Vimeo.

Opening film premiered at the May 28th #32under32 awards.

Since December, this Minnesota Design Gal had been planning for the 3rd Annual 32 under 32 community event. This event was founded by an Ad 2 MN volunteer—with a new idea, the right plan, right volunteers and American Advertising Federation (Ad Fed), this community awareness event became a reality!

Accepting the challenge, I made sure to strategize the goals of the event as I knew this year’s focus would be AWARENESS.

The 2nd year I was honored to receive the 32 under 32 award where I found myself not only being congratulated but also educating people about what the award was.


The best part about leading nonprofit work is recruiting a team of people who you want to know better and are more talented than yourself. That empowered me to reach out to several creative and marketing folks of which I had successful past experiences with, along with a few new eager minds, to create this powerful planning crew for the 3rd annual event.

Sponsorship is the most intimidating role in any nonprofit work because it means you are knocking on doors and asking for, well, dollar bills. My approach this year while spreading the word about the event and award, was to gather influential interesting brands to supply messaging, goods, decorations and give-a-ways for guests.woodchuckIMG_6957



11312637_986381814728827_5574797207792454698_oThe sponsorship break-down included adding a dessert bar from Mall of America, Catalyst Group creating custom boxes of mints and custom designed name tags, Woodchuck wood-stuff which included custom judge thank-you notebooks and event give-a-ways, KIND Snack bags for 32 winners and judges, Creative Circle for an interactive Photo Booth and contribution to event dollars, Red Stamp winner discounts and SOTA clothing for event-day prizes photography branding. Acowsay digital owner, Tyler was part of the planning crew but he also sponsored with his valuable behind the camera time and mad-digital production skills. Again, thanks to these powerful community names for being part of the entire experience—wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you!

Taking on the Director of this not for profit community event, I knew the event itself would need to be elevated—who wants to come to an event, see that you don’t get the 32 honor and pay $40 to go home with empty stomachs and empty-handed… #notcomingbacknextyear

After touring and seeking out venues for longer than my agenda had planned, I landed on the Minneapolis Event Centers (MEC) and worked with the wildly talented Wendy. The team negotiated the entire event timeline, a welcome-cocktail, special beer price (that matters), rentals and food—MEC would be introduced to many influential advertising professionals, so this helped with our small budget. MEC was even spotlighted as a sponsor for their incredible added-value lighting, tech support and stage excellence.

Red carpet? Of course! It’s all about experience!11417771_986378801395795_5862668234762296448_o




In the 2 years prior, there were 5-6 judges with a range of experience and industry focus. I interviewed a few of the past judges to ensure the process for the 3rd annual event would be improving. The entire nomination process was streamlined to be better for judging and elevate most efficiently for quality nominations, rather than the not serious contenders.

I secured 6 inspiring leaders that ranged from Director of Project Management, Strategic Account, Start-up CEO, Content/Copywriting agency owner, Digital Production Creative Director and introduced Public Relations.

The overall judging process entailed verifying the identities of each nominee and nominator, compiling and calculating the judges’ grading sheets and the facilitation of the in-person judging day. The process solidified it is fair and it works to select the top 32.




The 32 honorees of the 2015 award are people who I aspire to be; their backgrounds and proven forward-thinking are incredible. Being able to reach out to them individually was important to me as the event Director—I also realized that I did not have all their emails. A learning for future years is to include a field for the nominees’ email in the nomination form. #ItsCrunchTime

Securing the proprietary URL and designing to be used in the future was a successful outcome—one of my magic 3 goals. The Copywriter and Web Manager worked closely to quickly execute the best messaging and organize the content that made most sense for our busy-career-focused audience. It was designed in under one month for the February 1st nomination window to open.


The user-generated content, for the introduction video, was something that Tyler from Acowsay Digital and I knew we were taking a chance on. We had set our goal of 20 people to submit a selfie video while answering questions provided to them. We had 40 nominees that sent multiple selfie clips to be added to the final video that was revealed at the event as opening film! #youknowwhoyouare

Creating sharable event materials that can be used to market the event in the future was part of the magic 3 and with Tyler’s talents and help from volunteers and 32 Alumni Cory Vandenberghe, Alison Beattie, Aneela Kumar, Sarah Edwards and Danny Olson, we made it happen with two 30-second spots. View those videos on Ad Fed MN YouTube Channel.


Set-up before the event. Ready for the 7:15 ceremony!

Who wants to plan an event—then no one shows up?!

Communication and PR planning are key to a successful event because of the many moving parts involved. Our team found that it worked well being organized up-front and drafting the event communication summaries following with the customization of content for each channel. We also had a Google Doc with a social calendar and plenty of unique graphics to share. Starting the 32under32 Gmail worked well for one main outreach email for nominees and nominators, then Ad Fed MN filtered questions from the website and registration. Continuing to add new outreach and PR ideas, while remaining flexible is mandatory.

Social media was buzzing #32under32 throughout the planning sessions and we made hundreds of impressions when the nominations went public through local media help.

The BIO’s of the honorees at the event were told in 2 facts and 1 tail — tweets were deployed tagging the place of work and nonprofit organizations while the honorees’ BIO was read by our fabulous MC, Laura Fitzpatrick. Laura kept our attention and made us laugh while talking about Beyonce back-up singers, George Clooney wedding crashers and 90’s trend-setters… #nailedit


cheers_to_thatIn summary, the #32under32 director role was a super experience to learn more about myself and take on an entire judging process from start to finish (and we know that finish doesn’t just mean up to the event).

As I move forward with other community initiatives and creative impactful projects, I look forward to the future years of #32under32. There are endless possibilities, every year will improve and be different. The best event advice I have is to experiment and improve the process always, remember in volunteer-work that as leader you have to keep people’s attention, inspire them and empower them and keep your director goals to 3 magic ideas…

  • Build awareness in the community – video promotion, sharable social graphics etc check!
  • Launch – align structure for future event years
  • Elevate the event experience

Keep pushing to be a better you,
MN Design Gal – Tricia

Photo credits to: Jay Larson, Heather Hanson, Cathleen Olson, Snap Yourself 

Drive Your Business Forward

Fast Company is a news source with the following of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business. What is happening this month is the judging of their Drive Your Business Forward contest.


The submission process started with seeing the ad for small businesses on a promoted post on Facebook and then taking a look at the past winners on YouTube. My Dad is the sole owner and operator of his vending machine company who works 14+ hour days with a Sprinter van with over 340,000 miles on it. He has never owned a new work van or truck ever.

A Plus Vending

favorite smile

We met Dad at one of his Minneapolis vending stops on a late Thursday night in May and filmed him in action.

After explaining more to him about this mystery contest, he insistented in a follow-up shoot where he would be more prepared with commentary on why he deserves a new Sprinter van. A new Sprinter van or even the $10K would be an unforgettable experience and dream for him and the really-the entire family.

What is the GRAND PRIZE you ask?

The Grand Prize consists of a 2014 (or 2015, if available) Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van together with $10,000 worth of customizations. 
Additional second place is BEST VIDEO: The Readers’ Choice Prize is $10,000 in cash.
The eligible entries will be judged on the following criteria: 
1) how the proposed use of Sprinter van will help Entrant’s business grow (50%)
Keith is all about efficiency on his route being the sole owner and operator, the more variety of snacks in his machines and the more stops on his route the more sales will be made. So with the help of Fast Company if he could customize and create the best layout in the Sprinter van, meanwhile drive a new safe and quality vehicle, this would grow his business. 
2) overall business strategy (25%)
– Keith needs to transfer all of his machines to credit card acceptance and that is a huge investment; so his route and sales need to increase by 30% to be able to do this by 2015. With the business strategy to keep his route efficient with the best possible transportation as possible, it will help this sole business owner. 
3) quality of performance on submitted video (25%)
Trina (my younger talented sister) used Final Cut Pro to develop this entertaining and customized video, so the quality is super- just see for yourself!
Taking all this into consideration we went drafted a quick outline for the 60-90 second video submission and used iCloud to quickly upload video clips from iPhones and labeled them in sequential order for efficient editing.
With the deadline being May 30th we had no time for multiple revisions. While Trina found music that wasn’t copyrighted, I created Dad a Google+ Account, YouTube Channel and added photos captioned from the submission video shoot.
Without any further details, please comment, encourage and LIKE our 90-second video submission for the Fast Company’s Drive Your Business to Success starring Keith Severson:


Ready for more? Trina made an extended version with an overview of a day in the life of attending to vending with Keith:

Lastly, for Father’s Day we had to make sure to release the uncut version. At the end there is a shout-out to Fast Company and how brilliant of an idea this contest is because not only did we spend time filming our hard-working Dad, but he may the underdog but he’s still the Winner to us!

Cheers to hard-work and stop by after July 7th for the update to the Fast Company contest. We hope our Dad wins because he needs a new Sprinter soon!

Staying creative as the Vending Man’s Daughter,
Tricia jo

pic of this mndesigngal

This Gal Said Yes to the Dress

say-yes-to-the-dressEveryone has heard the saying and the show is known for it, but it’s true, I said “Yes to the Dress”.

Having never tried on a dress other than my mother’s when I was about 15, I didn’t know where to start. I gravitated to some things due to pins on my pinterest board. But when I started my journey I didn’t know what to expect other than have that feeling I would be the “50+ dress bride”.

I tried on over 30 dresses before finding that dress I did say yes to. Before find it though I have to share a few places that I stopped along my finding my dress story…

Diamond Bridal was a rare find. Driving past it off of HWY 55 in Plymouth I would have never I mean NEVER would have stopped. It sits in a strip mall and the name really would make you think it could be a Diamond in the Rough.


Fit to Flare style shown here.

Joey who has been in the business for over 30+ years was at a wedding show and grabbed my attention with her genuine personality and passion for dresses. She is also a designer and reminded me of my hip grandma with a forward personality that was still warming. Starting there was a great fit because all her gowns are not in plastic body bags and you walk through a little path and see her designs while her one-on-one service was nice. I found my shape, fit to flare, at her store was lovely. It wasn’t glamorous, and the fitting rooms reminded you of a Herberger’s changing room but that didn’t matter because you always remember your first time.

Next on the list was a total different experience off of Grand Avenue in St Paul, Che Bella. Knowing this place had been nominated for multiple awards, and that this boutique was owned by gals were young and friendly. The styles of dresses were slightly more vintage with a total runway feel. The ladies that own it are around my age and the gal that helped me barely could lift the dresses up she was about 18 years old. This tiny place only lets you bring 2 people because of the 1 mirror area. Even though my sister and mom loved two very classy numbers on me, the 4,000 price tag left me feeling a bit numb. Go there after a few drinks off of Grand with a best friend and be one of their last appointments in the day. I spotted a bottle of champagne but ti was empty and I was offered any, bummer! 

Downtown Minneapolis, just a few blocks from sex world is a fabulous large warehouse and the for l’atelier couture bridal. Valet park at Monte Carlo and tell them your headed to l’atelier and it will be complementary. I had booked this one about a month ahead and took a best friend that is also a bride-to-be! This experience was like the movies. Champagne in glass flutes and fancy paper straws we walked and picked Vera Wang and felt at home with Christina Herrmann, to later find out who is the Store Manager.

At L'atelier Bridal trying on dresses.

At L’atelier Bridal trying on dresses.

l'atelier racks

I had asked before coming in if could bring wine or champagne and the lady had encouraged it! Needless to say the experience will be one both Kate and I won’t forget. Christina followed with personal emails to us and I continue to follow her and encourage other brides to try their store. Even though you must be in that price bracket of $2,000+ to think about buying, it’s a great spot to find something you love and take out a loan. l'atelier instagram

After coming back down to reality and going to a few other shops, my mom and sister ended up stopping at a small place downtown Wayzata Posh. It was a Saturday and we didn’t have an appointment (RED FLAG Brides! Always have Saturday appointments). In this case we had the time so it was a walk-thru. We met the owner Marie and instantly we all loved her stylish vibe, sister-like influence and appreciated her candid-ness. She put me in fitting room for a rare 30 minute opening where I quickly fell in love with two dresses. Total opposites but both something I wasn’t expecting to gravitate to… strapless. The last-minute try-on was the off the rack by a Spanish designer. Marie told me she has had to discontinue that line because of the unique style it had for the local midwest traditional market.

Well – I ain’t your Mid-west typical gal am I?

I did end up leaving Posh with no dress and moved on to a few other appointments that we had scheduled for that day. A week later, I still had the Spanish designer dress on my mind. Timing is everything and Marie direct messaged me over Twitter to tell me about her once a year Valentine’s Day private sample sale. Needless to say, I knew I would regret if didn’t make my way back to the store to see both dresses there.

I asked my sister Trina to be my maid-of-honor on the way to our mystery Valentine’s Day stop and we made our way back to Posh.

I couldn’t leave the original sample Spanish design behind this time. The price got closer to my budget, and to seal the deal I had my alterations part of the ticket price of the dress. (Alterations can be up to $300 dollars extra!)

Yes to the dress

I did say “Yes to the Dress” on Valentine’s Day, Thursday February 14, 2013. The dress before the date is the way this bride-to-be rolls…

your future bride gal

1 extra special shiny object

Twas the night before December 1st and St Paul was shimmering, Rice Park had their lights bright for us on that mild night. Being escorted to St Paul Grill by Steve, it was a special treat to end the week.

View from table at dinner, St Paul Grill

View from table at dinner, St Paul Grill, taken with Instagram application

I wasn’t wearing anything fancy but my favorite coral sweater and jeans. If I would have known this night would go down in history I would have worn something a bit more royal for the occasion.

After our fabulous dinner, walleye for him and salmon for me, we headed to the bright and shiny Holiday lights in the park. This was our 3rd time at Rice Park, having it also been marked as our 3rd winter season together as a couple. 20121208-090857.jpg

Tree hugging

Trying to settle me down from taking random funny pictures in the park, Steve asked to take a picture of just me behind the big blue tree. “Why? That’s kind of strange” I tell him. Steve began to tell me and little did I know that this tree is as tall and bright as the iconic Rockefeller Center tree in New York City and is lit 24 hours a day, seven days a week until January 1 with 15,000 energy-efficient LED lights.

As I was standing there smiling and also thinking my boyfriend knows his lights, he began to tell me how much he loves me and began to explain our journey of meeting and falling in love. Before I could ask or think anymore he gets down on one knee.

I quickly filled-up with excitement and was shocked to be asked a question so unexpectedly and without any notice or signs to prepare, I took a deep breath as tears rolled down my cheeks and said “Yes”.



11 o’Clock on the dot! Look closely!

I looked at my lovely ring and my fiancé and couldn’t help but think this was still a dream. My second surprise was that we were staying at the St Paul Hotel with champagne waiting in the room for us.

The very first question I had for Steve after the proposal was “Did you ask my dad?” Steve replied, “of course I did.”


Happy Wishes to you and may I remind you that the best surprises are the ones that are unexpected. This one I will always hold close to my heart. Loving my new bling and look forward to sharing the love this Holiday season with family and friends and my new fiance!

newly engaged,
your mn design gal


God. Family. Yahoo!

I have been trying to publish a post about this particular CEO for months now. For some reason I had never heard of her but I find myself doing research, listening to conferences and news spots she has been in… I think I have found another successful woman to admire. Yahoo!

The Numbers and Facts
Marissa Ann Mayer is the current president and CEO of Yahoo!. Previously, she was a long-time executive and key spokesperson for Google. from Wikipedia


Born: May 30, 1975 (age 37), Wausau
Height: 5′ 8″
Spouse: Zachary Bogue (married 2009)
Siblings: Mason Mayer
Education: Stanford University (1999), Stanford University (1997), Wausau West High School (1993)
Children: Macallister Bogue

After having her son, she was back at work in 2 weeks! 

Marissa’s most recent interview was done by FORTUNE Magazine and there Marissa gets candid about the fact on how important product designing is and talks about growing-up being a Packer fan. (well sort of on the Packer fan part).

Marissa says the the #1 Factor on a great place to work and why she loves working at YAHOO! is the people.

She is also changing the performance factor at YAHOO! having quarterly goals that are published in the company’s directory. They are all measurable as well which is important she stresses.

To get people focused, she says that she asks employees a lot of what are they trying to achieve? The culture is to raise your hand, with their new iPhone 5’s that the entire YAHOO! company was given.

Surprises after starting at YAHOO! Marissa thought the job would be hard and then the baby would be even harder. SURPRISE! The Job is fun! The baby is easy!?


Tweeted picture via @MarissaMayer “One month old – Macallister and me heading to YaBoo, the children’s Halloween party at @Yahoo! “

Prioritizing. Prioritizing. Staying internally focused. Is how Marissa does it.

Being from Wisconsin she quoted Vince Lombardi a few times and went on to say the line that sticks out to me, “God. Family. Yahoo! In that order.”


Marissa Mayer FORTUNE Magazine’s The Most Powerful Women interview

You can view the full interview on Fortune’s’s website. [Via Fortune]

Now, after that I found a video from 2006 that shows Marissa talking at her college.

—Marissa’s 2006 advise?

Market myself.

Share everything you can.

Play and surround with really smart people.

Get overwhelmed. Taking a chance when your not ready is good.


Are you convinced yet that Marissa could be someone you would admire too? Maybe not like me though, because I have already planned my wedding at the age of 35, I’m having a baby boy in my late 30’s because my career is what matters. Google you hiring? I also am glad I have my 1st degree of 3 done…

The reality is Marissa was really good at Math and Science, while I actually was good at Math in the early High School days, enjoyed Science (not the frog part) but my Art classes and Marketing passion became my calling and true passion.


How awesome would it have been to say your the 7th hire of  GOOGLE? One can only hope that you may be sitting somewhere that is so much fun like Marissa keeps telling us. Set goals to be a CEO who gets to focus on culture and mobile product design you could get paid base salary of $1 million dollars, with a grand potential total of $129 million. Nicely done Marissa and look forward to the bright future of YAHOO! 

Keep finding yourself and setting goals readers. I know, I will be.

Can I get a YAHOO!?


You never know. It could be me one day…

Nonprofits — The BrandLab, cheers you September 6th?

nonprofit organization (NPO) is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends.

Nonprofits have always been part of my life in some way, and I have to share about one I have known and become very passion about The BrandLab. It really hits home to me because I remember being in Junior High and itching to be able to learn more about advertising, marketing and campaigns. Can you imagine having an internship in High School at Martin Williams, Carmichael Lynch or Olson? This nonprofit makes that dream happen- even more awarding it’s for Multicultural students. I’m happy to say that I have participated in a speed networking event and are volunteering for the up and coming event that is raising funds for them on September 6 held at advertising agency Carmichael Lynch. Register now and see you there.

Learn more about The BrandLab and see why they won for Multiethnic Student Programs, the outstanding Mosaic award given by The American Advertising Federation (AAF).

This is only the start for this nonprofit.

See you at the event! Bring friends, coworkers and cheers you there! 


Breakfast with John Jarvis

The expectations of listening to John Jarvis present at the morning Advertising Federation program, was set pretty high for myself. I had heard the name many times in the Minneapolis advertising community and wasn’t quite sure where he was going to go with the Ad Fed Breakfast title of “Mad Men to Math Men”.

On Thursday AM, John opened his very candid presentation question-style having a poser as his “alter ego” asking him questions about his life and career. The poser was fellow Creative Amy Van Ert (yes a woman’s voice) from the The Lacek Group, which it was an entertaining touch.

John Jarvis show and tell

John began his presentation answering the questions of “Why Advertising?”, while commending his experience being on the MN Daily newspaper team where he got to be creative director and learn a lot at a very young age. John said it was easier to find his first job then his second job, which I think many people in any advertising career can relate to.

John quoted Don Draper and even showcased literally 3-martini’s as a presentation slide because he was part of the era, and even though he may not have been drinking them he was around the talented advertising executives that did.

He went on to talk about how important Account Executives are and that many times his career it would be up to them to sell the works and the decisions that were made by them reflected many campaigns and awards he later on went on to receive.

John winning Minneapolis’ Best in Show award was a great memory he shared earlier in his career and he went on to continue to receive many more including a special one at Martin|Williams for the American Surplus Store (which he joked about trying to go to NYC to get an award that they did free work for). His creative advertising work moved throughout the presentation and I continued to notice the cleaver headlines and perfect key-lining techniques (there wasn’t computers in some cases back then, but production of film and letterpress).

John moved on to campaigns that paved the way in his career such as Kemp’s “It’s the Cows” and Duggan’s with the hypnotizing billboard.

John Jarvis Show and Tell

John mentioned many fellow creatives throughout his story such as Ken Lynch and Jeff Jones. I will have to google these guys a bit more to learn their amazing stories too.

Colle+McVoy (John put the + in the logo and took away the &) being the instigator to move the team down to Hennepin Ave from Bloomington and the reason why the creative work started to speak for itself. After being laid-off there and being true to the fact that “business is business”, he continued to show his work including a historical Dunwoody – swearing radio campaign – along with the Ely April Fools spoof that literally put Ely back on the map.

John Jarvis is now at a place where he is the Chief Creative officer and Managing Partner, Ogilvy & Mather speciality Loyalty Marketing agency, The Lacek Group. There he is paving the way with this agency’s very important part of the puzzle, DATA.

It was an honor to have been able to meet John Jarvis and I was pleasantly surprised on The Lacek Group following he had brought when him Thursday morning with over 20 supporters there in attendance. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about John and to work with him first-hand at the Lacek Group. He truly seems like a stand-out, genuine, hard-working ad guy.