A Magnolia Moment and Waco Highlights

Is that house one of those “fixer uppers”?
You have heard that before.

So we know the “fixer upper” phrase was around before we knew of Chip and Joanna, but it’s safe to say that this amazing couple can take the credit for making it a household phrase again.


I had the pleasure to join my Sister Trina in Dallas this November. That is a whole other blog post on Dallas—we wrapped-up our Texas weekend with a quick trip down to Waco Texas to learn more about the Silos and be up-close with the Fixer Upper phenomenon.

Dallas is about an hour and half South drive on 35W E to the city of Waco which is a town of about 130,000 people.

Trina and I went straight for the Silos where they opened at 9 AM. (Note CLOSED on Sundays)

img_3619 img_0353-2 img_0368-2

The Silos really are huge! Growing-up in Minnesota we see silos from the roadside a lot, and they are usually painted or a boring solid color. The Magnolia silos rusted texture and authentic elements make you feel at home and is even better in person (than the show).

So when do we go inside the silos? You actually don’t go inside the Silos folks. Just for show—at least for now. 

Travel Tip: Bring a small tripod to do your own photo-ops without asking others who can’t focus or don’t understand the rule of thirds. This place is full of places to grab interesting angles and take pictures of you and your crew. (Or bring your talented Sister to take a few pictures of you with her lens)

img_3651 img_3664-2




Magnolia was buzzing by 10:30 AM with crowds appearing from everywhere. Mostly tourists but also saw locals heading towards the Silos Baking Company that was a newer addition the grounds to grab coffee and baked goods.

img_0078 img_0363 img_5336

Getting inside the Magnolia Market shop itself, we set aside a good 2 hours to allow for enough time to not feel rushed.

As you see the grounds is mapped in a beautiful way below:


A separate paint section in the lower level of the shop showed the details of the unique names of grays and a display that totally makes sense.

Can I bring a gallon of Sunday Stroll with me in my carry-on please?



Purchases included a few branded apparel items for ourselves and to gift, a bracelet and necklace and also a cute tin branded mug. #DemoDay shirt of course!

Travel Tip: Check prices online quick before arriving at the store.

The surprise? We were through the store in less than 35 minutes and that was even taking our time too!

The check-out lines weren’t super long, but can see that on its own on a busier time of day could be another 30 minutes easily. There was Christmas music playing and the start to the Holiday decor in early November when we were there.

We end our Magnolia tour with one more look throughout the gardens.

There are also a dozen or so food trucks that included pastries and sandwiches but we weren’t quite hungry yet, leaving the Silos at 11:30AM.

img_0381-2 img_0378 img_0376

Travel Tip: It seems really kid-friendly to be honest, space to run, things to eat. Bring them if you would like (or leave it adult-only) I didn’t see any wine bars or beer trucks.


img_0397And we were off with our smiles and goodies! Thanks Joanna for having us! 
A true success at the Silos! Definitely worth the trip and a great place to go back and see the changes and additions that Joanna Gaines does. Seriously—well done Jo Jo! 

I have seen every episode of the HGTV show Fixer Upper filmed in the Waco area and was confident with my Real Estate navigating skills that we would see a few Fixer Upper Homes…

Travel Tip: Finding the Fixer Upper houses themselves is way harder than imagined. There is a Waco Tour team now to find and point out the show homes and favorites. If you ask shop employees and random people on the streets about any “fixer upper homes” they won’t say a peep! Serious! So Waco Tours it is in 2017!

waco tour vanIn our case we had just 4 hours to see everything so the tour wasn’t quite the right fit. Fun branding though on the tour bus parked outside of the Silos.

While navigating through Waco in our Eco-friendly rental car, snapped a few pictures of a few homes that made sense to be close runner-ups on the show, or are part of Season 4 or 5? Chip what do you think?

img_1527 img_4464

Many small businesses like this around Waco including Jail Bond places next to homes.


Cute porch and I can see the potential on that curb appeal.

img_5277 img_5981 img_5770

Below, remember that custom door? Look familiar anyone? This WAS on the HGTV show!

img_1814 img_3212It was our friend Clint from Harp Design’s house and shop! They are right next to each other.
We were impressed by the small unique items and approachable prices on his wooden items. Since we were traveling we didn’t leave with a chair or heavy cutting board, but loved the idea of the store open to the public. We highly recommend a drop by, make sure to check their hours first.
We didn’t see Clint working but for sure a handful of employees in the back.


We headed over to the Findery which has been featured on the show. It’s just a hop away from the Silos. No need to re-park on this one.

Trina and I could have spent another hour at the Findery, that store was a place that just kept on giving, we were also looking for Felix the November Elf on the shelf too for a $20 gift card towards our purchases.

img_7713 img_3852 img_1556

The second level of the Findery picture above.

Now we had an appetite folks! Where we going y’all? 

We did try to get to a few more local favorites but Mondays many restaurants were closed. So we walked across the alley to the Backyard from the Findery. It was fine for a cold brew and some fried food before heading back on the road. Nothing to tweet about but worked for us!



With only 30 minutes left in Waco (before we had to head back to catch out flights—seriously we had it timed out) we made it to the Magnolia Realty office South West of town. On the way there we found a few more higher-end neighborhoods but didn’t spot a Fixer Upper episode star.



My impression of the real estate office was under-whelming. I did notice the small design touches that made this very corporate office feel a bit more on-brand.

While visiting the restroom at the real estate office, spotted the Bed and Breakfast friend that was featured on the episode when Joanna and Chip created the Magnolia bed and breakfast. BTW fun fact as of December 2016—The Magnolia House itself has been booked through June 2017 at 1,295 per night with 2 night minimum. #GoodForThem


I also had the pleasure to chat with the Magnolia Realty brand manager and talk shop with a Minnesota img_5393connection, agent and my referral to Waco, Hesper Cordero. Overall the real estate in Waco is booming and the Magnolia Fixer Upper fans do stop-in for homes for sale (not often at the office itself) but there is a bit of science between vetting out real buyers from tourists. People are re-locating to Waco overall though (like Hesper did for her husband’s job) and there are a lot more suburbs that I forgot about, even more than from the show!

As the rain kept coming down, Trina texted we better head back to Dallas to catch our flights.


A SUCCESSFUL 5 hours in Waco!
#MilesToMagnolia 1,072 miles for me from Eden Prairie, Minnesota
and 1,474 miles for Trina from LA.


Thanks for stopping-by and taking in some Waco and the Silos with me,
Tricia Jo on the Go

Credits and links for additional information on travels and sights:

Magnolia Market
Harp Design Co
Magnolia Realty
The Findery Store in Waco
Bed and Breakfast by Joanna
Waco Texas Tourist Guide FAQ
Five O Seven Photo Studio by Trina


Consumer Packaged Goodness

Do you drive to the grocery store and think to yourself, how fast can I get in and out of there as quickly and efficiently as possible?

That is the exact opposite of this gal.

I am a marketer that takes in the entire shopping experience from start to finish.

Did you notice this week’s FSI?

How about the new in-store take-over messaging above your head while grabbing your cart?

Like the new end cap feature between the coffee and cereal aisle?

Did Campbell’s really just launch a K-CUP Soup brand and have it in 3 places in-store?

Why have I not ever seen this Rachel Ray brand before—am I part of store-test or is this really a new thing?

IMG_7816FullSizeRender 6


I have been part of a talented team where we managed several projects from concept to the retailer shelve. The entire experience and the many hands, ideas and logistics that goes into making it big into  big box stores. Each store has their industry traits and insider info to learn. Most have huge excel sheets to fill in product info after selling it in to the buyers, others just need the crate of product and an internet generated UPC. Stores need in-store rail-strip product photos and web images (with two totally different strategies) to be delivered within a blink of an eye. Will they create and manage the printing process of the POS? Did I budget for this or factor this in with the price per piece?

Participating in trade shows, buyer meetings and even an intense sales blitz session, really opens this marketer’s eyes to the entire CPG world.

Starting on the design side and now working with brand strategy, makes me surely that well-rounded marketing creative.

So next time you walk into your favorite store to just grab a 1/2 gallon of soy milk, or are discouraged by your endless Sunday shopping list, take a minute and experience the consumer packaged goodness!

your MN Design Gal


First Year as a First-Time Homeowner

The first year of owning a new home, there is a lot of mixed emotions and many ups and downs. Since this Fall was the 1 year anniversary of owning my first home, thought it was perfect time to reflect on the experience and provide some possibly helpful new home owner tips.
IMG_0649 IMG_6779

The house closing was near the end of October, which was helpful to view the home during the prime Summer months and then to start to see the home turn into Fall, so if questions arise they could be answered at the closing by the current owners.

If possible, do allow for 4-5 days for preparing your new home after the closing date—before having to bring the U-Haul.
This allows for a deep clean prior to boxes flooded all over your home and may help eliminating some additional stress.

Steve and I worked on prior in our 4 day before move-in window:

  • Removed all the green carpet in the upper level ourselves (maybe I need to re-phrase that Steve removed all the carpet)
  • Hired a contractor to place gray dura ceramic tile
  • Hired a professional cleaner to deep clean entire house
  • Painted 2 main bathrooms that were Pink and Purple (classy right?)

IMG_0451 IMG_0450

Once we moved in we concentrated our energy on simplifying our life (continuing to go through items that we actually need) and setting up the main areas to live in, kitchen, living and our master bedroom.



Before — 2nd Bedroom with layers of paint and original wall paper border.


After — the beadboard aka wainscoting was a hugh success and made the room even bigger!

Recommendations and candid MN Design Gal advice:

  • 1 room at a time. It may sound like a good idea to jump into every room and do 1 small thing, but in reality in most cases, take it literally 1 room at a time.
  • I started with my office, because it was important for me to have a place that was completely finished and where I can relax and make some freelance money…for more house improvements.
  • Planing for anything kitchen, start prepping your budgets for a range of costs…
  • Don’t fuss over the bathroom athletics right away. Bathrooms are more work than you think once you start to dive into them and a simple handle or two can be changed out over time.
    Start a house Google doc log. This will help you when starting to think about how much money you have put into your house. Log paint, brushes etc that go into improvements too.
  • Document your paint colors, when that bucket is gone, you will be kicking yourself later.
  • Open a credit card at the nearest home improvement store (this I do regret) get 5% off at Home Depot by just mentioning at check-out each time to get it (they do this because of Lowe’s 5%).
  • Take pictures! Pull the before photos off the MLS and remember to start a “Hawthorne home” folder on your phone for making that 1st home book.
  • Don’t fuss on the yard the 1st year. Watch everything grow-in and take notes. We had gotten back from a 5 day trip and our entire backyard was a white dream full of blossoms because of our wonderful tree we never knew we had!
  • Meet the neighbors—It helps with the awkward encounters later on in the year when you need them most or when you are in a jam.



Have fun with your partner or family and friends. The best part about owning a home is to learn about house construction materials (paint, wood etc) and have fun updating and making it your own.

Year 2 brings on the Kitchen remodel! Stay tuned for updates and before and afters…Here is a first look of the wall coming down.







Your First Time Home Owner,


3rd Annual #32under32

Saturday, March 22nd at Midnight nominations close for the 3rd Annual 32 under 32. Nominate now. Seriously.

The nominations are key to the 32 Under 32 Awards. It gives the people who know the industry best — you — a chance to recognize someone that embodies the rare combination of creativity, drive, and special talents to stand out from the pack.

Video produced by Acowsay Digital.


My moodboard created in January — inspiring the overall theme for this year.


Reminder a nominee could be a current, former or future co-worker, a boss or mentor, or even someone you play in a band with. The only rule is that nominees need to be in a marketing, advertising, PR, or similar role, work, live and play in the great state of ‘Sota, and be under 32 years of age as of May 1.

Evaluating the nominees is a hand-selected pool of judges that changes every year to coincide with the diversity of talent out there. This year’s line-up were hand-selected and feature a director of project management, a director of account strategy, an entrepreneur/CEO, a copywriter/business owner, a VP of public relations and a creative director with UX and video production focus.


Photo by SOTA Clothing and Spence.

Video produced by Acowsay Digital.

Meet our judges in more detail:

Kat Dalager is a process geek, rule breaker / boat rocker that currently manages the Integrated Producer team as the Director of Project Operations at the in-house creative agency for Life Time Fitness, 3E The Life Time Agency. Past works include Campbell Mithun, The Martin Agency, Carmichael Lynch, Best Buy and Target.

Mark Hines, tech enthusiast and first generation digital professional. Coder since elementary school. Accidental marketer. Currently helps big brands think like startups and upstarts get traction in-market as Director of Account Strategy at GoKart Labs. Was at Ratchet, Mono and Fallon where he lead teams that brought great ideas to life.

Erin Newkirk believes friends + family makes the world go ’round, which is why she founded Red Stamp in 2005. Many years and one successful acquisition later, Red Stamp and Erin are still in the business of thanking, wishing, inviting and announcing with stylish cards + decor that can be sent via their award-winning app or on the web. Past work includes managing brands at General Mills and Kaplan Educational Centers.

Dan Ruppert-Kan prior to starting his company that specializes in copywriting and content, he was a Creative Director at Russell Herder and a Sr. Copywriter at Carmichael Lynch. He’s currently working on projects for Harley-Davidson, Porsche Financial Services and other marketers and ad agencies.

Dan Jasper is a PR guy, spokesperson and anything but stylish, only occasionally gets to shop at work. He is Vice President at Mall of America managing public relations, community relations, social media, tourism, retail merchandise and digital strategy. Thankfully he has a talented team that helps make him look good.

Michael Kraabel writes, designs, strategizes, codes, films, and more while being VP, Creative & User Experience at Bolin Marketing. An early pioneer of interactive marketing and PR, Mike has been devising digital communications programs for companies for more than 16 years while past work has been at Olson, Schematic, Gage and Martin Williams.

This event would not be successful without the talented volunteers that have been hands-on since the beginning planning in December. As this year’s Director of #32under32, it was crucial for me to be surrounded by passionate talented-thinkers that wanted to get their hands a bit dirty after their day jobs. Let’s take minute to recognize them:

Alexandria Huerter
Molly Michalowski
Andrea Styczinski
Hannah Mortenson
Ashley Mullins
Tyler Eichorst
Daniel Krueger
Casey Garvey

[Insert picture after the next board meeting]

Have you nominated yet? Time is running out.

Save the date May 28, 2015. Register for the event is your next assignment folks.

Always thinking,
Your 2014-15 #32under32 Director and forever design gal



#32under32 Award

What is 32 Under 32?

In every industry, there are those who push beyond what’s asked of them in the hopes of disrupting the status quo. These are the early risers and late-nighters. The after-work hustlers and the opportunity seekers. In the advertising and marketing industry, we call these people ambitious and recognize them as being one of the 32 Under 32. This elite award recognizes 32 up-and-coming ad professionals in the Twin Cities, hailing incredible accomplishments and endeavors they gain at such a young age. – AdFed MN

On June 26, I accepted this award among talented advertising colleagues and fellow savvy marketers, designers, copy writers, digital directors and more.

Why the age 32?

Ad 2 members have to be 32 and under for the lower membership rate, basically it goes back to Ad 2 National rules. There also is a local MPLS magazine called thirty two that was an original sponsor in 2013.

IMG_5777 IMG_5780


acceptingmyaward my husband Steve

With my husband Steve moments after receiving the award.

Below are the highlights from my acceptance speech that I preformed in my bathroom, by myself, later that night.

Thank you for the opportunity to be among these incredibly talented people. Some of you have hired me in this room, others of you we have volunteered together for years or just hours, we have played together at the uptown bars and later on in our careers some of you will want to hire me and I will want to hire you.

I sincerely am not here without the American Advertising Federation and Ad Fed MN organization. Too many times we take it for granted the volunteers, the ideas and the execution of these events. I would like to thank Anna Sanders for her idea on this 2 years ago and this year being the 2nd annual event for #32under32. [insert applause] I also want to thank past Ad Fed and Ad 2 Presidents and current board members and volunteers, photographers and social community managers I recruited a few years back because without event marketing there wouldn’t be any attendees to come to these events and all the volunteers and bartenders just stare at each other.

I’m accepting working as a volunteer and past Ad 2 President will always be part of my life because you learn so much more shit when your not getting paid for it, it’s just less apparent. [insert laughs and claps]

mystery poster design 32 under 32

Even though no one knows who nominates them, I knew one for sure in this room. So I thank Cathleen for her time and on-going support in my young advertising career, you are an incredible entrepreneur and talented business woman.

I also want to thank Steve. My husband and supporter of my crazy creative thinking, late-nights on my Mac researching and executing ideas that I’m not getting paid for. [insert laughs] I am lucky to have a tech savvy man who also understands that I will always be in this crazy design & advertising world.

Also want to thank Family and Friends that aren’t here tonight-they are usually always positive and encouraging of my creative talents. Without them I would have probably never made it through presenting for 2 hours my digital design portfolio at BSU and surely would have never handled all those 2nd place call backs. Seriously my family is my rock and I’m excited to see where my career and life keeps taking me while designing this path through life.

Thanks for listening and thanks for not booing me while on stage. See you again soon! Cheers!

[insert applause] exit stage—

your mn design gal – designing her path through life 


Severson to a leanger

As the bride, when the wedding is over, there are many things that still need to be done–like changing your name. The name change is a big deal and there are many steps that are involved in converting an identity you have been born with to a brand new one. It isn’t just practicing your signature and changing the name on your checks anymore…

I knew that changing my name after decades of being a Severson would be hard, and actually wasn’t really looking forward to it. As a designer your name is your brand, your digital footprint. I branded myself MNdesignGal after starting a Twitter handle for myself and other social channels soon followed, so transitioning in the social space actually helped it become pretty seamless.


For email, I secured triciajoleanger@gmail.com months before the wedding to make sure my new name wouldn’t need a number 69 or 21 after it to make it unique.

My Google + account and circles was luckily pretty easily transferable with all the attached history with them. It takes about 7 days, but once that is up and running you can shut down your old maiden name Google+. You do lose your Google +’s on webpages from the past name but that can be quickly made-up for right? Right.
Also you can only combine accounts twice in a lifetime, so beware. [As of December 2013]

google+tricia youtube tricia

YouTube videos and history can NOT be transferred or combined to a new account. So no more TriciaJo22 from 2006, it will now be TriciaJoSeverson connected through my new Gmail account. All videos need to be re-uploaded losing your stats and views. This leaves yourself wondering if should keep both accounts active. #WhatAPain

Facebook name change is easy, my question is how long do I keep my maiden up in as “formally known as (Severson)”? 6 months? A few years? Forever?

Work email transfer will never be perfect, a co-worker will always reference you with your maiden name because of the history the email account will have. I will always need to have an email re-direct from the maiden name. Google chat doesn’t let you change you name, everyone would need to delete you and re-add you with your new name (that is a waste of time and who will do that?).  I’m also not putting on the bottom of my signature ” as of November 16, please refer me as Tricia Leanger” – who am I Prince? Formally known as? No ones reads a signature anyway.

US social security office line

Finally, the social security card change. Get ready ladies for a fun little day trip. I found the 6-county area office that is off of Chicago Ave downtown Minneapolis. Find your location before heading over. In most cities it’s a different office than your friendly and local DMV (I learned the hard way). I thought it was such a great idea to take off work the Monday after my honeymoon to mark this one-off my TO-DO list. From the research I have had, there is never a good time to get there. I stood in line for 2 hours (outside in November) then made my way through a metal-detector and got questioned by an officer (for real). Then I waited over 3 hours in a crowded DMV-type-office with about 100 other people. Ladies don’t worry, the only times you have to go there is if you lose your card or change your name. Thankfully hospitals file for your new baby social security cards.

us social security office 1

What to bring to the Social Security office:
– Wedding License
– Driver’s License
– Current social security card
– Hand sanitizer
– Something to drink (you may be able to sneak something in)
– A snack
– Your phone / iPad fully charged

TIP: Get 2 copies of your wedding license when you go in with your fiancé. It will only be $10 more. This way you can send it to get your Passport changed and even your Social Security without being too nervous about losing the only copy you have. 

Overall the name change has been successful and I have re-branded myself.




Cheers to a new name and an exciting time in any gal’s life. It only happens once–right?!

your MN Design Gal TRICIA jo leanger

a new bride

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad! Getting married this year on November 15 was unforgettable- we are truly blessed. Thanks to all family and friends for their warm love and greetings.



Love, Steve & Tricia leanger

Destination Wedding Planning – catch all

Many of you may know that I am a Bride-to-Be and am gettin’ hitched in November out of the country.

Snow to Sand

I thought it was time to recap and look at the process thus far. Many of my followers, co-workers and life-long friends have been intrigued on how it is planning a destination wedding and what is left on the list to do.

Advice: if you don’t have thick skin and not for sure on a destination wedding, Don’t DO IT.
The first thing I found is people have their opinions and will be quick to ask how many of the friends and family are going. If your wishy-washy about your decision it will be way to easy to feel bad about others not being able to attend or travel and you will start to feel bad and the whole experience will be a #FAIL.

Luckily, my Groom and I weighed out many locations, venues and destinations before deciding on Los Cabos, Mexico drastically. I have not regretted it [thus far] and am very excited to say that I wouldn’t want it any other way.


The next question everyone will ask Where are you getting married? Cabo is a very common location that people have heard before but many don’t know that it is in Mexico. Also if you want to be “technical” Cabo is slang for Los Cabos which is the entire peninsula, while the resort our vows will be is San Jose, just north-east of Cabo San Lucas.


Are Kids Invited?

Resorts are either kid-friendly or adult-only. When picking it is hard to think about not including the small ones or the kids of your friends. In our case, we didn’t make it the only reason but it also was something I was thinking more of then my groom and I didn’t want to exclude anyone under 18 that would or could come. Needless to say, our confirmed guest list is all above 18 and we are at a kid-friendly resort currently. Can’t plan for that one.

The Groom picked our resort out of the many choices and some help from travel agents knowing we wanted:
1. Excellent service *****
2. New experience for guests
3. Outstanding food

“How many guests are coming?”

Why are people curious about the number of guests at the wedding? I guess this one got tricky because originally the groom and I thought if we were doing destination it would also be the solution to inviting extended family. Then after thinking more closely we realized that when you invite someone you also have to expect that they may come, and that made our group to still be small and quaint group.

The Planning

In the movies, they portray it as you pick 1 color of flower and just show-up. There is more to that if you plan on having a Minister, music, planned dinner, bridesmaid flowers and a reception that is outside. Of course, it is simplified and thinking of all the small things for the table and decorations for the church is not needed – your on the ocean with palm trees people. As a designer, I’m taking the time to create custom hand-outs and menus that would reflect our branding and wedding theme.

Wedding Coordinators

Your on-site wedding coordinator will answer your questions in about 5-10 days and will only answer your questions, not expand on more information or friendly discussions. My impression is that they have a lot of brides and until your on-site they know you may change your mind and nerves can be calmed by tequila and the view of the ocean. [Mine will be. Lime please – no salt.]



Having a photographer that had a true, bright intimate personality was my goal. I knew that I had talented friends and family to take pictures but didn’t want to worry about that. I started my search with $8,000+ photographers that were used at high-end resorts and restaurants in the area. I even wrote a bride that had her wedding at a popular sunset resort and ended-up chatting with her multiple times to get references.
Setting up phone calls with a few high-end photographers led me to writing down tips on the timeline of the day, ceremony recommends and even got my minister through a reference.
A referral to a referral to another referral led me to Esther who I enjoyed her work and sincere down-to-earth approach to her photography. It ended up working out perfectly that my wedding coordinator gave me the 5 photographers that were preferred and didn’t require any additional money since they work with the resort. Esther was available and agreed to giving original photos along with touched-up and was within my turn-a-round time-frame.

Bridal Party Planning

Again, thinking about destination I knew my only sister would be my maid of honor and was fine with a very nontraditional set-up. But after starting the planning process and friends and guests started to book and plan to come, I couldn’t help but want them in beautiful dresses and be my bridesmaids. Once I started, I wanted more friends to also be included, but the mother-of-the-bride made a point, “You must also have guests at your wedding, otherwise no one will be sitting down for your ceremony.” [laugh out loud] Right? It’s true – so I had decided on 4 bridesmaids made up my longest friends that are attending our wedding celebration. My groom actually had to also have a thick skin with his only brother not being able to attend the wedding out of the country, so he has 3 best men including my brother.

What to Wear

My maids inspiration Brides example 2

The ladies I had a vision and even though it was more work, it will be worth it! Everyone has their own individual style and long chiffon dress by different designers within the same color palette family of rose gold. They will pair that with neutral and white wedges and mystery jewelry they will receive before the trip. This look was inspired by a celebrity wedding of course:

The grooms dress was actually harder than I had planned. Going out to Cabo we didn’t want to deal with renting and having suits or pieces left behind, so we knew from the start we would be buying the pieces. Visiting 5 different Jos. A. Banks, we were disappointed with their color choices and a lot of their retail sales staff. We choice Men’s Warehouse where Steve will be wearing Kenneth Cole in a textured pattern Taupe suit. The groomsmen aren’t wearing full suits but a Calvin Klein textured white shirt, Taupe slacks and a stylish tie clip. We went with a blue Steve Madden boat shoe that has modern no laces and white trim that Steve gifted the guys.


I will pack for two weeks and have shopped end of summer sales for bright color dresses and a swimsuit for every day. Just the other day I took a picture of the beach wear and also laid-out and marked in the groom’s closet what shirts he will bring and noted the things he still needed. [I literally put post-its on a few dress shirts to mark them.] Of course I will be carrying my wedding dress on with me and Steve will have his suit as our carry-on’s.

Capturing and Social Planning

We plan to have friends and family take their own video and tag @LovinRlife on @instagram or Facebook #LovinRlife as the main digital foot print staying on theme with the wedding website LovinRlife.com.

Recapping the event will include a few blog posts along with gathering video so that he can be archived.


Since the Holidays are coming after the wedding, a Holiday card / New Year card with wedding pictures will have to be in order.



The Groom and I will be staying at our resort to ensure we time and money to visit the downtown and culture of Los Cabos. Why leave a resort when you have the Honeymoon Suite?

Lastly my overall thoughts is a destination wedding is an experience that you simply can’t explain how it feels until you experience it for yourself. Planning a trip is fun and already has a lot of energy surrounds it but having it also be part of the best day of your life is just an incredible feeling. Friends and Family that make the effort to come will be in your life forever. This isn’t just an event you get a free meal or dance at a fancy entertainment venue – it’s a true commitment. Overall my support has been outstanding and the kind gestures from the people that matter is really thrilling and truly unforgettable.

1 month & 27 days to go!

Your Cabo Bride-to-Be

Unfriendyou funny

Winning Attitude

I haven’t ever participated in a beauty, talent or baking contest, but at my current agency they had nominations for the 2013 Achievers Awards. That feels the closest to a Miss Congeniality contest I have ever participated in, because after several nominations anonymously from co-workers, I was selected as a finalist for Winning Attitude.



The nomination was a simple description:
Category: Winning Attitude – she is always there with a smile and a “how’s it going” question. She helps keep the team upbeat and has started music Fridays on 19. She always sees the positive in things and loves bringing the team together while at work or at socials.

Your personality and behavior can truly effect the day of others. Someone around you can extremely be the influence of the positive or negative working environment.

Just a few days later, I got a note from another co-worker that said:
Thanks for the mention in the by the stairs the other day! You’re always so cheerful and clearly the best candidate for winning attitude for the achievers. Congrats on your nomination & congrats on your future award as well!

These small acknowledgements are just clear reasons why giving a simple greeting or hello in the hallway can really influence other’s persona of you.

Moving forward with the week, the 6 of us nominated will be honored Thursday at the yearly Achiever’s event where there will be 1 overall winner.

Also this week, my current agency The Lacek Group went through a big re-brand after being in business 20 years. The website was re-skinned with the new colors and pixels of data points. I also lead the social re-branding working with Designer Tracy Szabo to implement the same branding in the social space. Some of this could be thought as a second thought, but the impressions and influence your brand has within the social channels is very important and shouldn’t be left behind.

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In agency life, the controlling of stress, time management and your attitude can make or break a team’s performance and the overall project’s moral.

I’ll keep working on my “winning attitude” and you should too!

All smiles for now,
your mn design gal

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