Wedding Print Materials

When it comes to being a design gal and getting married, the invite comes first to mind, but it doesn’t stop there. Since our wedding was a destination wedding, we knew it was important to make sure the guests felt comfortable with the city, know others traveling in the group, have a schedule of events and have a personal thank you for them in their rooms to read and refer to.

Gathering this info was a simple and fun thing to do to involve the groom. I knew I wanted it to be a simple small package for to the rooms so found flat card envelopes with the perfect ocean design. To print on them, I simply ran though my Epson Ink Jet printer! It took a bit of trial and error, but inserting the sealed bottom first made it easy for the printer to grab and print. Since my design didn’t need to be perfectly straight, I didn’t need to fuss with it being slightly not centered or it being angled.

TIP> Have someone in your wedding party deliver the envelopes and schedules to the guests and their rooms because asking room service to do this will result in extra charges.

best day ever printed bags

packet inserts for weddingSince all the guests were staying at an all inclusive resort, we knew most wouldn’t travel too far but we wanted to include a quick guide of tips and places to see if they chose to experience some local flavor.

local flavor

Many people were meeting each other the first time in Cabo for the wedding, so we wanted to have a few memorable stats about each person. Our group was about 25; this was the perfect opportunity to spotlight not just the traditional wedding party but everyone traveling for the wedding. On the bottom of the handout was the Gracias note to the guests from the bride and groom.
Below is the 1 page printed 2 sided insert.


The schedule was something that was important but slightly tricky, since this was destination the times and reception location weren’t quite hammered out before arriving. We had to be specific for the wedding party, while more general for the other guests. We settled on 3 different schedules that would be inserted for each guest making most sense to them. The Guys, Sexy Ladies and The Friends – Guests main schedule is shown below.

TIP> tell guests to remove their wrist bands. Each resort will be different but if you ask they can be removed then put back on when the wedding is over the next day. This will make your photos prettier. In our case all the Groomsmen forgot to remove their bands. Mother of the Bride had a pair of mini scissors handy for them though luckily. 

wedding day schedule guestsA thank you was a must and not only did we include that on the guest handout but we also made a personal note to each guest printed on the backs of scraps from the main invite.

TIP> Remember that if your getting custom printed invites they WILL have scraps and WILL throw them away. If you go to the press check make sure to let the printer know you want the scraps, or stay (like I did) and watch the printing happen and grab them yourself before they go into the garbage. Makes for great gift tags and notes later.

rings on scraps

Finally included had to be a fun door hanger with some humorous personality. It was a quick custom design that fit perfectly into the printed room bag. Printed on a white cover stock and the hole was punched out by Printer Mike’s wife scrapbooking die cuts.

TIP> Need a printer? Contact Mike Oslund, he will work with you. Having friends that are outstanding printers is a designer’s forever best friend.

door hanger press readycome and knock on my door

The table setting for the wedding needed to be simple yet personal. I also got a tip from other destination wedding brides that assigned seating was a must because it took away a lot of the fuss and awkward seat saving. I quickly made 2 seating charts that were possible with 2 different table sizes. Then thought more about the table reading materials. Knowing we would be oceanside the wind could be a factor, so a metal starfish was placed on each setting as a paperweight. These were found by the Mother of the Bride and also owner of This or That Services and Ideas.
Remember the wedding invite? There was about 25 extras so those were used as the template on the plate with a new personal message from the newly weds.

sitting chart

wedding invite by Tricia  place setting 1 place settingplace setting 2message from bride and groom dinner

Did you notice the unique table vases? Those are mercury glass and were brought to Cabo by the Mother of the Bride. The table runner sparkled with the candles and was bought at Crate and Barrel. The bridesmaid bouquets were placed in the middle of the table, just enough to not get in the way of the view of the others across the table and enough to finish the table look.

table setting candles

Don’t you hate it when you sit down and don’t know or remember what you picked for dinner at a wedding? We agreed, so included a simple menu with the courses and tucked it under the plate reading materials, notice it on the right side of the plate.

TIP> Print the menus before and if there is a last minute change, the guests won’t mind. Carrots turn into green beans or mashed potatoes are now french fries, just include a small friendly disclaimer on the bottom of the menu. Your guests will laugh and drink more wine.

dinner menu

The other idea we wanted for our guests was an activity to do while they were sitting together at the harvest table. This activity needed to be simple yet easy to execute and also be a simple conversation starter. Included were printed note cards by Write On Riot with fill in the blank options for the guests. Pens with the resort name on it were distributed to the table between the 1st and 2nd courses. Then the guests placed them further up on the table to be collected by the maid of honor before dinner was over.


Don’t think that the wedding printed materials need to stop with paper. I made custom designed can koozies the week we booked the wedding venue. I didn’t use a fancy printer, many online sites will do, just pay close attention to the quality breaks and die prices for custom designs. My online source was Discount

The koozies were given to the guests when they arrived at the pool on their first day at the resort. Each guest had them at their side throughout the entire trip and couldn’t wait to take them home.
Koozies are great for these reasons:
1- Reminder to all guests (including the Bride and Groom) who is part of their wedding crew while at the pool a few margaritas in.

2- Hides all plastic cup wear and makes for incredible photo-opts.

3- Actually keeps your beer colder, drinks cooler and your hand off those frosty beer cans.

4- Guests love free stuff and this is another cost-effective way to send something home with them.

Outlined Design ready for upload:  Can_koozie_blk_otline
nterested in doing one for an event or your wedding? Just send me a note, I’m happy to help a friend out and will work inside your budget.

koozies for weddingcan kookie and my flowersa bride gets thirsty too!

With a cigar bar at the resort a book of matches was needed. These were printed off of the knot’s wed shop just because they had a good deal on them one day.
After my 100 matches arrived, I relaized that TSA says no matches on planes– not even allowed in your check bag! Good thing this photo was taken back at home from sand at Lake Calhoun… 

wedding matches

Cheers to you and your wedding printing!

Your newly wed gal Tricia 

the newly wed

photos taken and credited to: 507 Studio Photography by Trina Severson

Write on Riot flashback video post.

The Wedding Invites

Some little girls dream of their wedding dress and the flowers while this bride-to-be has been dreaming of her letterpress self-designed invites since she was 12! My letterpress dream came true with the help of Kim from Vandalia Street Press.

Kim rocked her press skills on her 1956 Heidleberg Windmill. This was a referral of referral of a referral (for real). Thanks to Gina Nacey from Adventure Creative Group in St Cloud and Mary from Bruno Press for leading me to Kim.

The planning began one sunny afternoon. As you can see from our tabletop instagram, we meant business.




The color had to be right. The PMS was 485 and we added some transparency and yellow to it to tone it down to ensure it wasn’t a “red” but a watermelon.

The paper I chose was a Pearl White Crane letterpress paper at 220 weight. I actually ended up buying the envelopes online at Amazon because I needed that side open in the same Crane stock and the local paper store only sold it in hundreds and I needed only 40.






Very excited as we loaded the plates on the press after the final tests. Did you know that simple text outlined PDF’s make the letterpress plates?


Thumbs-up for even the groom showing up to participate with this experience. He was the one asking the main questions too. Who knew?!






Have the professionals cut your invites too. Better then loosing the tip of your finger to your rusty exact knife from college. 20130605-164019.jpg

Invites are sent! What a relief!
It truly was a dream of mine, but feels good to have them out of my hands and into our bestest friends and closest family. The stamps were bought months ago and the coral and white tropical flowers were saved between the others to pull out the tropical theme and oranges and corals.


Stay away from printing the main invites yourself, between the overall printer maintenance, color correction and ink replacement nightmares and additional stress just let the experts do it. You can stick to making your own mini jars of M&M’s and shopping on Etsy.

The main event:

DSC02252 DSC02253 DSC02257 DSC02258 DSC02260 DSC02283

DSC02274 DSC02275

Copper letterpress plates mounted on wood from Owasso Graphics in Michigan. My design was just outlined and exported to a PDF to make these exact size plates for the press. I paid $20 more for the Copper because Magnesium just wasn’t as cool with the coloring and aging of the metal.

This will be a forever keepsake displayed in my office. Plus the groom’s favorite metal is Copper (wires though).

DSC02276 DSC02303 DSC02304 DSC02307 DSC02313 The Save Our Dates were sent out in April and were just the start to the branding of the wedding. They were printed digitally by Printer Mike Oslund from Daily Printing locally in Minneapolis.DSC02321 To help stay focused with the wedding brand. I created this 1-sheet style guide that outlines the colors, fonts and imagery.

Wedding Brand Sheet DSC02324

[design plug] I’m happy to help personalize your day because everyone deserves a one-of-a-kind invite experience. Remember invites can be printed online (scary but true) on a traditional off-set printer or even-handed-off to your local guy. Letterpress was just my little dream.

Bride-To-Be and Your MN Design Gal

Questions? Ideation? Email me.

My work here is done! Wait- we have wedding day materials now to do...

My work here is done! Wait- we have wedding day materials now to do…

The itch to design : Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites

I have the itch, not to design my own, but to design yours! Look through a few have done in the past and get this off your to-do list. Party? Family event? Fancy Holiday party? Let me create for you and we will keep the cost down, find a printer near you and get you set-up with a logo to carry through-out your entire wedding experience.

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