Simple jewelry art idea to share

So many of us have the chunky necklaces that don’t fit in our traditional Jewerlry boxes. To fix this awkward problem of hanging them in random places or losing them in your closet, my brilliant mother Candee gave me this Pier1 art piece. It is to be hung in my walk-in closet to be fashionable and yet very useful.


Accessorizing hasn’t been this fun, and the mini mirrors actually make this even more of a modern day jewelry box by hanging your necklaces on them.

Here’s the simple idea live in my closet:


Keep trying things that are not the normal use for those objects. Turn art into useful art!

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MN design gal and her mother Candee

Wedding Planning Begins (?!$#)

Well, the Holidays have almost come to a close (one more Christmas today), and my mind is on wedding planning! You will be able to help this MN design gal.

I’m just starting the reception venue process and need your help finding design gal inspired venues that have all or some of my first-thoughts:

-Original and Unique (like me, well, I’m sure every other bride says this)
-Lots of Architecture and Views (why be stuck in a black hole for 5 hours?)
-Location doesn’t actually matter, Minneapolis or Stillwater, Northern MN or Wisconsin… this gal is open
-Priced for a budget
-Venue must be inside with outside options (Come on it’s Minnesota and don’t need Mother Nature stress)
-Eat. Dance & Be Married!
-100 people + (numbers are still being calculated but small closest friends & family)

Round tables in a classy room? Lights matter...

Round tables in a classy room? Lights matter…

Is it a night club location or event center?

Is it a night club location or event center?

Vineyards in Stillwater?

Vineyard side?

Look forward to your suggestions and thoughts! Send me a wedding venue tweet to: @MNdesignGal and I will retweet and blog about my top picks.

Also, once vendors get secured I will post them on the

Wish me luck starting the planning process… because your along for the ride readers!

designing a wedding gal

Happy Hallotweet!

Pumpkin carving Saturday Night.

Print out your favorite icon or logo and show your individual pumpkin pride! Simply tape on the logo and prick holes outlining the carving line. Pull off the logo and hollow out your pumpkin then carve the logo following your front pricking lines.

An Air Force logo for a Loadmaster’s Mother, Kitty Cat for a young Kate, 1 D for a boy’s band 10 -yr old lover, Mustache ride pumpkin for a college gal and Twitter icon for a social marketer.


Notice the kitty-cat whiskers? Find some simple things around the house to add to your pumpkin.









Happy creative pumpkin carving!

The Feeling is written on the Walls

The solution to your feelings may be in the color of your walls!

You’re Feeling: Uninspired —
You are an artistic person, but suddenly you can’t think of anything to draw or paint or write about. You stare at the blank word document or canvas, you’re totally lacking inspiration and don’t know how to get your creative juices flowing again.

A quick pic of my office at home taken back in May. Orange is on the main wall for creative inspiration.

Color Solution: Orange (high-wavelength) — Orange hues strengthen concentration while also boosting creativity. The bold color actually stimulates your adrenaline, but go for a warmer burnt orange to avoid the distraction that can come with shocking, bright colors. Try painting an accent wall across from your desk to keep you excited without overpowering your office.
Few more color solutions for you!

You’re Feeling: Anxious —
You’re worried about losing your job in this bad economy and you’re fretting about the impressions you’re making on your new coworkers. You are so swamped with paperwork, that you think you’ll never catch up. You feel too anxious to even focus, which only makes things worse.
Color Solution: Blue (low wavelength) — The color blue is associated with clear thoughts, focus and relaxation. If you are stressing out about work, add blue accessories to your desk like a dark blue vase, a cheerful blue coffee mug or a soothing blue painting of the ocean. You’ll become emotionally calmer, and the blue accents will actually help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

Blue is actually the color of my bedroom!

You’re Feeling: Depressed —
The office life has got you down. You miss your friends, your family and even videos of adorable puppies won’t provide the perfect pick-me-up anymore.
Color Solution: Yellow (high-wavelength) — A nice muted canary yellow will provide the perfect cheerful tone to help you fight the office blues. The color symbolizes the bright, happy effects of sunshine and will have you thinking positively in no time. Hang curtains or paint your walls a subtle yellow, and avoid the more irritating eye-popping shades.

For more feelings with color solutions check out where I found the answers at

Look forward to being in my blue bedroom tonight and I will keep being inspired within my orange office.

Happy coloring,
your mn design gal