Winner-Winner! Chicken-Dinner!

This weekend I had the pleasure to announce through National Ad 2 Social Media and to my Ad Fed and Ad 2 colleagues that Ad 2 Minneapolis Won 1st Place Progams from the National American Advertising Federation.


This award goes back to representing your Ad 2 club nationally and getting to compare notes and compete with other talented clubs on Club Operations, Education, Membership and more. Programs is something that Minneapolis has seemed to stand-out in the crowd with over the years. Our themes are always different and we always come up with something new each time to keep reinventing the concept of Advertising and Career Education in our very own local community. We like to network, after work it’s nice to have an adult beverage or cold drink and if we can take away something that involves an agency showing us what they did in a case study, or the newest software they are using to edit video or even a role or discipline you never thought about becoming- then Ad 2 has accomplished what we have set out to do!

AD 2 Programs Image by Tricia

Our winning submissions for the 2012 1st Place Programs included the required 3 events and 1 special program, began with Drive Thru event held in October 2011. The record-breaking-attendee Campbell Mithun event whom people are still talking about that was in November 2011. Martin Williams event held January 2012 where 2 Gingers Whiskey and a 20-second video contest clearly stands out in the crowd. Then finally, the annual pub crawl which was held in May 2011 on LynLake known as Rock the Yacht.

Individually these events stood out to Allie Eide and I while choosing for the submissions in January 2012, because they were all very diverse, yet had this special theme and quality about them we liked.

Ad 2 continues to grow and each event keeps out doing the other. The agencies and talented businesses locally keep stepping-up to show us what they can show the ad community and the committees that run the events are getting more passionate and stronger.

It’s hard to imagine how it used to be back when I would be planning events solely for about 30-50 people and it was before the hash-tags where enabled for events. Now our venues on average need to hold 150 and we are continuing to channel new groups through social media! Thanks to the individuals that help the events before become a success over the years. It not only are the talented volunteers that are active in the committees and events now, but the ones that I worked with back in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Each one of us have different career paths leading us to finding a job, starting our 60-hour work weeks or even being laid-off. Work-life-volunteer-balance is crucial and it has brought many different people in my life. This next generation volunteer group will continue to exceed expectations and I have faith in the on-going leadership involved with Ad 2.

I’m happy to share this 1st Place Programs honor with all of you!


Stay tuned for a few more rocking events to finish off my last few months as your Ad 2 President and Programs Director. OLSON will be hosting the Thursday, April 5th event and this one will be one for the books. Register today! Then the final HOORAY of the 2011-2012 Program year will be the  OlympiAD² Pub Crawl, so put May 17th on the calendar and register before you forget.

Thanks again for reading and participating with our nonprofit organization. This MN Design Gal won’t be going away, the party planning, ideas, innovation and leadership lives in my blood.

Congrats again to Ad 2 Minneapolis!

Now what’s for dinner- Chicken?
Your Ad 2 President – Tricia Severson

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1 word: mono

Many of us have been in Uptown and walk by a really cool looking blue door and wonder what is inside. Some may try to open it thinking it’s a new trendy little shop, other may look inside the window to find nothing but a large black staircase and a really cool tall-person made motorcycle.

Mono_doorLast night, Ad 2 members and friends got to experience mono and what happens behind the blue door.

With over 100 attendees and several walk-ins, this unique agency let us rowdy ad folk come and learn a bit about their work, space and who they really are. The keg was tapped and included Blue Solo cups (duh) and red and white wine along with a variety of after work appetizers, that of course I didn’t get to try. Why is when hosting events you never get to go pee or eat anything? 

mono’s co-founder and owner Michael Hart got everyone’s attention by banging on a beer glass and lead the night away with being genuine, funny and quite charming without trying. Of course I had to bring to their attention after his announcement the very large “Best in Show” award that they won on November 11, 2011 from the Ad Fed advertising awards aka the Addy’s.

There were 5 rooms with different speakers on case studies from Blue Dot to Virgin and the crowds made their way in to listen, question and enjoy.

Anne Mahoney (now Deanovic) and I had been planning this little get together since this summer actually. She wasn’t familiar with how the events went, but she surely nailed it with the casual atmosphere and the challenge of space that could have arrived. The fire alarm was only going off just for a few minutes before the crowd came and luckily no police or escorts needed to arrive.

blue solo cup

Instagram @mndesigngal

The kegs were gone at 7:30; which meant that it surely was a good time had by all.
Being able to come into an agency, approach then with an idea and get them excited about hosting people they don’t know and have it all be taken place in their house, can be a challenge, but once again a thrill and enjoyment. Shout-out help: also from Zach Zutler our Ad 2 membership chair (and a friend of mine who used to tend bar together back in the day) who interned at mono and then was hired!

Another successful event. [Check]

Thanks to Jay Larson and Sunny Chang for having their lens with them. Along with my random twitter friends and members with their #ad2mono tweets and mentions. Ad 2 volunteers Anita, Matt and Tim for ID’ing and being yourselves.

See you at Olson April 5th, this event has been in the making since my first year as Programs Director for Ad 2 back in 2008. (For reals)

Keep networking your little hearts out,

Job leads from last night? Yes. One really good one. Are you reading this? I can start April 9, better yet I can start April 2 and be trained in that first week in April.
Also another surprise visit by a social media manager who I have been talking with and admire, I hear he likes cats though.

Bad Days Happen for a Reason (Right?)

The first thing on a Monday morning you never imagine hearing “We are sorry, but your going to have to lay-you-off”

It is that feeling of – OK – Thanks – now what?
I find myself feeling a bit strange and awkward like I did something wrong. Not true. It was brought to my attention it wasn’t my fault just a reorganizing business decision.

I have never been “laid-off” before. This term is a bit strange to me. Laid? Like I’m going to be laying in my bed now because I don’t have a job? If you want me off then why am I laying down?

The end of the work day I then find myself in the Dentist’s chair for a routine cleaning. (Of course scheduled before the morning came upon me.)

“How was your day?” the friendly lady smiles at me.

Do I dare say it?

“Well, I was laid-off”- I half-smile back to her.

Her face falls to a pity frown and I get a nice hard tap on the back.  “Have you been flossing?”

An hour later. 1 Cavity is found and I’m on my home.

All I want is a nice glass of wine and to laugh a bit with the roommate, which he informs me to cheer me, he’s grilling outside for us on the nice 65 degree night!

So the grill is on and the hamburger are now patties and all of a sudden a big rain storm drives in and the propane runs out. Yes, all at the same time.

Now, after all this, I felt like Fuel’s Song “Bad Day” should just be playing as I walk away in the rain (possibly with my middle finger up in the air).

I didn’t go outside or get wet and frankly never give the middle finger unless I’m in my car.

Moving forward from the Manic Monday, I find myself in the middle of the very first week that I have never been be not in control with my career decisions involving leaving a job. (Yes, I have left jobs before kids but the rule of thumb is never leave a job unless you have another one lined-up).

I will now move into Sheryl Crow’s wisdom of “Everyday is Winding Road”-

The fact is this next move I will get a little bit closer to where I think I should be in my career and that is apparent.
Not only am I excited to be in stable environment with creative and marketing energy and talent that just makes me want to absorb and learn even more than I do on my own. But I will get even closer to what I should be doing with my talents. Closer to that feeling of success within my colleagues and closer to be able to say how much I love my job and that I’m not only valued but continue to be the Brand Advocate I strive to be.

I had kept a journal with thoughts on parts of my job I enjoy and what I need in my next working environment: {For real not just made-up for this post}
-Be a mentor to others
-Different departments to be surrounded by other than my own
-Challenges to look forward to
-New technology surrounds me
-Drive to succeed / possibly competition
-Goals within the jobs for clients to achieve
…. and more

I also have my cover letter introduce things that my employer should reflect of, as well as things I can bring to the table.
“My future employer will expect me to make ideas a reality, these expectations will motivate me daily. My goal is to be part of a team that can push each other to greater heights of creativity and marketing through digital, social media and the newest technologies.”

With reflecting on that “Bad Day” I guess I can *almost laugh about it now and I have moved on from the empty feeling.

Truly no hard-feelings toward any persons or the company itself. I believe business is business and I have learned things that have made me a better person, co-worker, employer and leader. I also just got a very nice recommendation letter from the President of the company.

Now the real question is–

Who’s brand should I represent now?

TBD your mn design gal

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Adults enjoy field trips too

Beer Thirty =For a group of hard-working men (and two full-time women), the best part of their week is Friday’s beer-thirty which involves a bit of chit-chat usually a handful of peanuts and some curse words. To celebrate the St Patrick’s Holiday tomorrow, I put together some simple designs to announce the company-wide field trip.

Featured below are where the signs were presented to showcase the Beer puzzle throughout the copy the week before the trip to Fulton Brewery.

break room culture awarenessmicrowave and learnhappy leprechaunHappy Employees = Productive Work Ethic = Happy Clients = $$ = Happy Owners


Brand Advocate and Culture-Planner-Extraordinaire,
mn design gal

Creative Branding @ #SXSW

How many time have you said to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?

SXSW just finished up this week, which hosted some of the most creative brands, social people and more. Business Insider (which I read weekly) inspired me by their post 10 Creative Startup Promotions at SXSW.

I had to highlight a few of my favorites I saw from friends and colleagues tweets over the weekend.

What: The Owl mobile was out and there were Owl-Sightings all over instagram and Twitter this weekend.
Why: The Owl was a hoot! Did anyone ride inside that though? That is the real question.

American Express
What: Hosted the Amex Sync Show with Jay-Z (#JAYZsyncshow), featuring a live demo of the new Twitter hashtag promotion Amex launched last week that enables card members to save when they tweet customized hashtags for a group of launch partners.
Why: American Express has put its money where its mouth is when cozying up to tech companies. In addition to Twitter, it has entered into significant partnerships with Facebook and Foursquare in the past year.

Real-life example of the #JAYZsyncshow.

What: Kraft is applying the wisdom that the way to the heart is through the stomach by hosting Oreo-branded ice cream socials. Kraft Mobile, an interactive experience, will feature a mac-and-cheese truck, games, Wi-Fi hotspots and charging stations.
Why: Mr. Bough’s SXSW plan is to “connect with developers, entrepreneurs and startups.” And frankly just have some really good hang-over-food. Saw many pictures of the mac and cheese mobile.

Loosing power? Plug-in at people wearing chargers!
FedEx is trying to come back from the boring brand to something that is hip and shows their users that they care and get it. Why not? This was for sure one of my favorite ideas. I had to ask Brittany “Was he hot?”

NikeFuel Lot, which seemed from the many pictures through instagram and on twitter it was just a really cool light display? Not attending the SXSW, I couldn’t tell you what the sound was like or how strong the drinks were.
Why: Nike had to find somewhere they would have their logo in a simplistic way right?

Me Like!

Overall the #SXSW feed was entertaining all weekend, and it made me very jealous of the colleagues that were out there learning and experiencing these brands. Just another reason for me to be with a brand that needs a networker, educator, like me representing them at South By Southwest and taking notes to expand our clients and get their brand in the middle of the action. Maybe not at SXSW but taking that and pushing the envelope at the local conferences and conventions that always need some re-inventing creativity.

Visit to learn more overall on the conference. Three highlights for the conference website for me were:
Start-up Village
(One of my favorite categories that make an entrepreneurial like me smile.)
Interactive Parties (Your invited to all?!)
Also did you see you can make your own conference schedule? Thank you! How many times have you been to a conference and have to circle and mark-up your print-out?

This concludes my #SXSW wrap-up on the creative promotions by some brands that stood out in my mind; along with some things that I look forward to when attend my first interactive conference. I’m actually heading to Austin in June for the National American Advertising Federation conference representing Ad 2 Minneapolis and social media; but I don’t think they will touch the experience from this past week. Or maybe it has to do with Austin, Texas and I can’t wait to find out!

Enjoy Conference-Season,
mn design gal Top Brand Article

Judge Your Facebook Page by it’s Cover

Facebook Cover Picture: Do you have one?

All timelines including a cover picture becomes public March 30, 2012, but some admins have pushed them sooner you may have noticed. This means that anyone who visits your page will be able to see your cover image. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.
Facebook tells us that covers may not include:
i.    price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it on“; (a test dummy for this post only)
ii.    contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section;
iii.    references to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features; or
iv.    calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”
Read More
Your profile picture represents your Page on other parts of Facebook, like in news feed, like normal. Use the logo or another image that represents your Page. Choose an image that’s square and at least 180 pixels wide.
The Facebook Timeline profile cover image is sized at 851px by 315px. I received a tweet reply to my cover page comment, that countered my directions from a social media manager from Arnold World Wide. It made me think that Facebook could be tricking me, so the only way to really find out was to design my own and put it to the test. Right?
I decided to try the measurements that were given to me and make my first Cover Page. In Photoshop I started a document that was exactly 815 pixels by 315 pixels with a white background and at 300 DPI.
For the design I featured a few of my agency’s work on the right-side to make what we do day-to-day for clients, to come to life for the users.
Partners & Hunt Cover Image Facebook
No error messages were given to me on the 851 x 351 pixels, but I also had my imagery at 300 DPI because some screens are even better than and I don’t want my imagery to look blurry if I can help it.
Simplifying the main profile image is key on these new designs. You no longer have to make your logo fit into that tiny awkward space or even that thumbnail. It becomes more of icon that could go with the background or makes people wonder who that is and want to learn more.
I also really like the idea of having your team shine on the cover page. Here is another concept I have for Partners & Hunt Creative Group that shows more of the creative group themselves which could be fitting for some businesses and/or agencies.
Cover concept shown below in a Facebook mock-up template I designed.
Facebook Cover Mockup Template by Tricia
Moving forward also constructed a cover page for This or That Ideas & Services, which is a small business that focuses on creative thinking for busy people. Notice the top left Twitter icon and a few images to demonstrate the creative practices. I believe I’m going against some rules a bit because Facebook encourages users tell stories with the cover with just photos, but having this brand experiment with the phrases and quick reads was my goal because I’m still in the experiential phase with this social environment.
This or That Ideas & Services Facebook Cover
Go Like This or That for yourself and let me know your thoughts on the cover page concept!

Another new feature is the direct messaging to page owners that has never been allowed. In the past, I always found myself going through the page trying to find the email address within the info to get more information on something. But now this will be the quickest way to DM and get an answer on the product, place or brand.

Notifications about new messages will appear right in your admin panel.
After writing my blog post I found this tell-all YouTube video that did a better job on the updates. I guess I could have just embedded this video as my post.
Learn a little bit more from Facebook themselves (not hosted by Zach but a random person that looks smart and is great at voice-over)

I’ll keep learning and exploring! I also find myself thinking that I would be a one-of-kind Community Manager or Social Engagement, I have that creative edge to know what can be done, I could execute it myself quickly and efficiently and my ideas for content are never-ending. Now if I could only figure out how to show those skills off?

Like Me or comment on this post,

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Most of you may not know, but I wear glasses most days to work- it's my nerdy side

[Insert Your Name] Advertising Summit

Instagram by @mnfutureadgal, sitting front row at 8:10 AM on Friday 3/2/12

Some of my followers may have heard of it before, but the Student Advertising Summit was held Friday, March 2. The day actually originated in the mid-90’s called “Career Day” for students to come and learn about internships and jobs in the advertising and marketing field. In 2005, the day re-branded into Student Advertising Summit and now is called “SAS” if you’re in the right in-groups. The day continues to grow and break records for attendees reaching over 300 this year. Along with the important Sponsorship participation in the advertising community is only growing.

The SAS DayThe day started with opening announcements, which I had to try to settle the group down from being too rowdy of course. Sarah Heininger and Andrea Styczinski are the co-directors of the SAS event also helped start the day off. These two talented women have been part of the planning for a few years being interns and then volunteer leaders. It took a few weeks of convening them that they can take on the director role, but now after one year under their belt I bet they feel invincible!

Some of the Team SAS!The tweets directly to me started after my opening speech which my opening really wasn’t anything fancy other than being real about networking; also making sure the attendees knew how important it was that they took the time to come to the U of M campus today. They were here for a reason and that was apparent.

"Tell Better Stories" Christopher Owens

"Tell Better Stories" Christopher Owens the keynote speaker at lunch. He opened with a Kardashian joke. So YES he was entertaining, real and simply incredible.

Throughout the day, the hellos and interest in Ad 2 came in through the booth that we had set-up next to Colle + McVoy sponsor table. Allie, Zach and I got to talk to potential members and also just the population on questions. The numbers aren’t in yet, but I bet we signed-up over 10 new members at a $30 student-only rate.
Ad2_table_Allie_TriciaI worked throughout the morning to later find out that the team needed me to be part of the round-table discussions that give attendees some candid time with industry leaders. Sitting at a creative table, I found that every group of about 10-15 were interested in agency stories, how to show-off their creative portfolio and what jobs to apply for. I was very real with them showing them my iPad and making sure they knew to have an online website, Behance or Cargo. I shared a few personal stories about interviewing and presumptions on appearance.

highlight reel 1The questions also came in about internships and I make sure they knew to pick their Top 5 agencies/marketing/businesses and to go after it! My internship was not even posted, I approached the company because one day I wanted to move to San Diego and that company had a location there. Half-way through the interview Randall (Now a Creative Director at OLSON) says to me, “What are you here interviewing for again?”

I’m a believer of business cards and leave-be-hinds. I don’t care if advice from others tell you not to use them; the cards that do surface somewhere are worth something. I can remember a time after graduation when I send postcards to hundreds of contacts in the mail and still remember when Amanda Brinkman (at the time, head of UHG Carrot and past Ad 2 President) told me personally that her secretary gave it to her and said “Wow, this looks really cool.” I also caught people hanging them up in their office as art. Or how many times do I get a call or email and it starts, “I saw your card and was wondering your still looking or could do any freelance.” Be creative. Be you.

Bemidji State University

Only Bemidji State Student! (I'm a '06 Alum) He was representing so proud of him! (Plug-in his name when find his business card on my desk)

After 2 hours of consistency chatting and answering questions around an oval table, I moved on to doing a few portfolio reviews. (Meanwhile internet became terribly slow at and I tried to send-off a few client changes; I had to brush off my bandwidth frustrations very quickly). The portfolio reviews instantly gave me a flashback to 2006 when I had my portfolio class and the recommendations that your teachers tell you that are “agency real-life” can frankly be a real-life industry joke. The main thing I had to remember is let the presenter shine and help them remember and highlight their strengths and also minus a few weaknesses within their portfolio– then give some true criticism including telling a guy that his hat had some heavy lint on it. (Helpful fashion hints always) I ended-up giving one of the girls a hug after because she did so well and I could feel her nervousness.

The day ended with a happy hour at the good ol’ Library Bar where all the U of M students go to get drunk for $2 drinks and $1 shots. The basement was packed and the tension was relaxed while a few students still had resumes in hand that I loved seeing.

The day wouldn’t have been complete without my volunteers Allie Eide and Zach Zutler helping with the Ad 2 table, whom were 1st year SAS attendees last year and now are part of the Ad 2 board! Jay Larson and his fabulous photographer and genuine energy. I have to say, that when it comes to events and having the right guy you must be patient and truly care about the cause and Jay does. I think I have known him for 3-4 years now… and we met at AIGA events back when I networked 4 of the 5 nights of the week!

Shout-out to the entire Student Advertising Summit Team because I have to say, this will go in history that first time any group ever attempted to get a real-life flash-mob together!

Also BIG THANKS to all my friends, colleagues and mentors that were part of the day that I didn’t get to talk to or see them present. So happy to see familiar faces and it wasn’t unnoticed!

I hope to still participate with the summit throughout my career and also become a spotlight speaker to enhance the diversity for the years to come. I have so many topics and ideas that I must be able to execute them.

Did you insert your own name into the summit title of my blog? Because at any age, or point in your career you can attend. It’s a great to have a day to step-back and learn, think about the future and remember why you got into Advertising in the first place.

High-Fives to all the participates and attendees! Hope to see you at next Ad 2 event to chat-it-up!



Talking with my hands like my mother.

{Stop back for I will be adding more photos throughout the next week.}